3 Traits Leaders Need in Order to Learn From Other Leaders

This is a guest post by Drew Tewell. Drew is a recruiter, author and blogger. His book is titled The Dream Job Program. You can read his blog, where he helps people navigate the world of work, and follow him on Twitter. If you would like to guest post on my blog, click here!

As a member of Platform University, a membership site created by Michael Hyatt to help people build their personal brand, I was excited to hear I had won a Member Makeover.

This is a personal critique of your platform/website/personal brand by Michael Hyatt and his team. They review your blog and social media accounts, and give you actionable tips to help you reach your goals online.

I learned several things from my makeover. They suggested things like getting a new theme for my blog, clarifying my goals and messaging, and working on my “About Me” page.

With the help of my wife, I’ve already started making some of the changes they recommended. As a leader, just because an opportunity comes for you to learn from another leader, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Even if that leader is Michael Hyatt.

3 traits leaders can learn

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Making the most of our learning opportunities requires three traits.

1. Learning from other leaders requires humility.

I personally tend to be confident about what I do online, even though I know there are many things I can do better. However, when the opportunity comes for us to learn from someone else, we must remember we do not know everything.

2. Learning from other leaders requires teach-ability.

It is natural to get used to doing things a certain way. But, sometimes there are more effective ways to get things done, even though we may like the way we are currently doing them.

3. Learning from other leaders requires flexibility.

Learning can lead to change. And change can be hard. It can also be frustrating, especially when you have worked long and hard on something. But change comes before growth, so if we want to keep growing we must remain flexible. (Tweet That!)

An opportunity to receive personal input from someone we admire doesn’t happen often. But there will be many opportunities for us to learn new things from other leaders around us if we keep our eyes open. Do not miss out!

Question: What have you been learning lately? Leave a comment below by clicking here!


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  • http://dreamjobprogram.com/ Drew Tewell

    Thanks for having me over, Ellory!

    • http://www.ellorywells.com/ Ellory Wells

      You’re welcome Drew! I’m glad you wanted to guest post.

      I’ve been learning to be a better writer and connector. I’ve purchased an ebook on blogging as well as enrolled in Jeff Goins’ “Tribe Writers” course. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

      • http://www.paulsohn.org/ Paul Sohn

        Let me know how Jeff Goin’s Tribe Writers are. Really interested. Also, will you be sitting in this upcoming Tuesday’s session on Platform University. Really interested on this upcoming topic.

        • http://www.ellorywells.com/ Ellory Wells

          Paul, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m enjoying Tribe Writers but I’m only in the first section out of 5. I’m taking lit a little too slow to be honest. I’m actually not a member of Platform University so I won’t be on the session. What’s it about?

    • http://www.kineticbear.com/ Jacob Miller

      Great post Drew! Humility is huge in my opinion. The people that can’t learn to admit to their faults can never grow out of them.

      • http://dreamjobprogram.com/ Drew Tewell

        Thanks, Jacob! Humility isn’t always easy. But we’re shooting ourselves in the foot if we don’t remain humble.

  • http://danblackonleadership.com/ Dan Black

    Great leaders are always growing and learning. They surround themselves around people who will allow them to become better and lead more proficiently. The conversations we have over the phone really help me learn, Drew! Great post.

    • http://dreamjobprogram.com/ Drew Tewell

      Thanks, Dan! I appreciate our conversations as well. It’s nice to have someone to talk to that will listen to my crazy ideas and give me honest feedback.

  • http://www.paulsohn.org/ Paul Sohn

    As someone who is wired to learn continuously, I’ve recently thought ‘learning’ how I learn. This is important because everyone has a different style of learning (using the five senses). Nothing trumps engaging your five senses to maximize your learning. I’m recently memorizing the second letter of Timothy. I’ve been listening to an audio, enunciating the words out loud, handwriting the letter on paper, putting myself into an environment of pressure to challenge myself. The more I stretch myself in different ways, I’ve had a better record of learning. Thanks for sharing these three key takeaways Drew.

    • http://dreamjobprogram.com/ Drew Tewell

      I can see that you’re serious about learning. Thank you for sharing, Paul!

  • http://www.reflectionsfromthealley.org/ Dave Arnold

    Great post, Drew, and really good tips. I think humility is key. Great job!

    • http://dreamjobprogram.com/ Drew Tewell

      Thanks, Dave! Humility is important.