What If I Started a Podcast [Poll]?

I’m thinking about starting a podcast. A podcast would be a new challenge for me, and one that would help me make a positive impact on an even larger number of people.

But I need your help.

Before I go down this path, I’d like to ask you if my vision for a podcast would help you achieve your vision for your future and help you reach your goals.

Today, I’m asking,

What if I started a podcast?

Headphones Podcast

In case you’re not familiar with podcasts, they’re essentially internet radio shows. And just like in any radio show, I would interview guests and share other stuff I’ve found helpful.

You can listen to podcasts on your iPhone (Ex. iTunes) and Android devices (Ex. Stitcher), as well as on your computer.

Each podcast would be about 30 minutes long and easily digestible during your commute or as a part of your personal development time.

To give you an idea about what I’d cover in my interviews, here are five of the topics I’d discuss:

  1. What does “empower” mean to you?
  2. How did you empower yourself to make the necessary changes to get you to where you are today?
  3. In what ways do you empower others on a daily or weekly basis?
  4. How do you unwind and relax?
  5. What are you doing today that will keep you moving forward tomorrow?

My goal with the podcast is to find people who are a few (or several) steps ahead of us on the path toward success.

I want to learn what challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve overcome them. I want to discover how they’ve faced their fears, and decided to move forward toward their goals.

As a listener, I would want you to come away from each episode with something you could do today, as well as something to help you over time. I want you to feel empowered after listening.

If you would, take a look at the questions below. As I always do, I’ll look at every answer and every comment.

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Thank you so much for your help!

If you’d really like to see the Empowered Podcast become a reality, would you sent me an encouraging message today?

Twitter @EmpoweredEllory

Facebook /Empoweringthe80Percent

Question: What podcasts do you listen to? Who would you suggest that I interview? Please leave me a comment below by clicking here!


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  • kentsanders

    That’s a great question about who should interview. There are so many great leaders and thinkers out there it’s hard to narrow it down.

    Some of the podasts I listen to regularly:

    48 Days with Dan Miller
    This is Your LIfe with Michael Hyatt
    Podcast Answer Man
    Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
    Read to Lead with Jeff Brown
    The Ray Edwards Show
    The Artist’s Suitcase (my own, of course! LOL)
    Beyond the To Do List with Erik Fisher
    Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
    Mars Hill Church Podcast with Mark Driscoll
    On the Page – Screenwriting
    TED Talks
    You Need a Budget (YNAB)