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So, I wrote a book...

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If you're looking for a step-by-step formula for how to build a business that reaches thousands of people each month and generates enough revenue to support your family; if you want an exit strategy you can deploy, one I wish I'd had back to before I was fired and had to figure everything out on my own, this is it.

I wasn't one of those entrepreneurs who gave up his six-figure salary and a fancy office to start his business. Unlike some life-long entrepreneurs, I wasn't selling lemonade to my neighbors when I was seven. In 2014, I was fired from my job by a friend who became my adversary, and then my boss. 

Every day I hear stories like mine from people who want to start businesses but just don't know how. If you'd like to start a business of your own, I'd love to teach you what I know. Click the "learn more" button below to see if Exit Strategy is for you.

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I think everyone should start a business at least once in their life. Entrepreneurship teaches us new skills, it requires a new way of thinking, and help​​​​s us become better humans.

Who is

Ellory Wells?

I'm a guy who, in 2014, found himself fired and facing a life-changing decision: Do I beg somebody else for a job? Or, do I try to make this business work?

Fast forward to today, and I'm still standing, and my business has grown, and my wife and I are able to travel the country. I get to teach and coach entrepreneurs around the world who want to start, build, and grow successful businesses in almost every industry you can think of, from medical care to motor sports.

I wrote Exit Strategy, I started the Catalyst Mastermind group for entrepreneurs, I've created study-at-home training courses like 8 Weeks to Exit, and I do one-on-one business coaching. I've gotten to help entrepreneurs around the world make their first sale, write their first books, and even make their first $100,000.

I absolutely love what I do, and I get to do it every day, and I'd be honored to help you achieve your business dream too!

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Community is Key to Your Success

So, I created a private Mastermind...

Watch Me!

Community is Key to Your Success

So, I created a private Mastermind...

Watch This!
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Over the Past Few Years...
I've Helped A LOT of Entrepreneurs Get Started!

He has single-handedly had a greater impact on my business in the last few months than the last two years of my own personal research combined. If you are looking for an expert that can get you started, or take your business to the next level, Ellory is the man for the job.

Derek Brott

Marketer - started a marketing & web design business

If you're running a business alone, looking to grow and want some accountability, you should join a mastermind with Ellory. Even if you just need to validate some ideas, the feedback and support will get you to your goals quicker than you might be able to do it alone. This makes it all very worth while!

Jess Shanahan racing mentor

Jess Shanahan

Author, Consultant - started a Motorsport consulting and training business

Ellory’s Catalyst Mastermind program is top notch. The meetings are conducted in personal, professional, and powerful manner. The ongoing accountability is the right amount of motivation, challenge, and encouragement to be the person, brand, and entrepreneur that you told your group you wanted to become. Don’t let the modest investment fool you! A year from now, if you want to be in exactly the same space where you currently are, don’t bother with Ellory, and keep looking somewhere else.

Kristy Cone

Copywriter - started a copy writing & editing business

I'm gonna be honest--I'm not a joiner. I don't join groups. I don't like group sports. I like to work alone. The idea of joining a Mastermind group that had a large accountability component seemed counter intuitive to how I "thought" I enjoyed working. But I was wrong. The way Ellory facilitates his group is amazingly supportive and generous. I ended my first meeting with tons of ideas to explore, validation in my message, and most importantly--a plan on how to move forward. I feel very blessed that I have found Ellory.

Renee Baude

Author, Chef, Designer - started a jewelry design business

Ellory is more than just a mastermind coach. Joining a mastermind is about becoming more than you are today, through the combined efforts of people who care. Ellory cares. Because of the confidence I've gained from being in the mastermind, I am finally walking away from my miserable day job and stepping out on my own.

dane gilson bug wrangler

Dane Gilson

Entrepreneur - left his job and started a pest control business

I've been part of one of Ellory Wells' Catalyst Mastermind groups for the past couple of years, and it's one of the best things I've done to encourage me and introduce me to other amazing people who want to do things to build something that will have an impact on this world.

Jon Stolpe

Author, Philanthropist - started a men's mastermind group, builds houses in Guatemala

After working with Ellory, I feel like, in the past few weeks, he's helped me take my business further than I could have probably in a years' time on my own. And, it's not just practical tips. Where I have doubts in my business, he believes. If anything, Ellory is probably undercharging for his services. I've gotten so much value from working with him.

Bridgette Petrino

Coach - started a coaching and fitness business

Since working with Ellory, the results have been remarkable. The group I'm connected with is amazing; we're from all different works of life, and everyone brings their knowledge and perspective and experiences to the table in a way I wouldn't have expected... Having a network of colleagues and friends from around the country and world really makes all the difference.

Matt Lovell

Consultant - started a restaurant consulting business

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Because I've built a
business online...

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I've met
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Seen some amazing
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And my wife and I get
to travel the country...


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Programs, Courses, Training

Catalyst Monthly

"insightful, tactical, on-point"

Every month I deliver the best lessons about business to your doorstep. Read about the experiments and split tests I run each month to help you increase sales, generate more revenue, and build a bigger, more successful business. As a reader of Catalyst Monthly you'll get all of the results and detailed analysis - something previously only available to my coaching clients. If you want a business resource you can hold in your hand, if you want the lessons, teaching and training from a mastermind but can't make the meetings, if you want to know what other business owners are doing to build their businesses, then Catalyst Monthly is the perfect resource for you!

8 weeks to exit what you get

8 Weeks to Exit

"get started the right way"

If you haven't started your website yet, you will LOVE 8 Weeks to Exit! If you haven't set up your online store, created your content marketing strategy, or even if you're at the very beginning stages, then 8 Weeks to Exit is training you will WANT! Designed to follow the 8 week Roadmap from Part III of Exit Strategy, this course has over 40 audio and video lessons that walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a solid foundation for your online business. Includes Q & A support and access to my exclusive Coaching community. If you want an online business expert to guide you as you start your website and online business the right way, then 8 Weeks to Exit is PERFECT for you!


"ready in days, not weeks"

For many entrepreneurs, one of the biggest obstacles to starting their business is the setup and design of their website. After all, your website plays a key roll in your business, and it's often a buyer's first impression of your company. Now that problem is solved, and those headaches are removed! To help you create your online presence, my company offers a "velocity" package. People who take advantage of this service have an awesome website up and running in days, not weeks or months. If you're ready to hit the ground running and don't want to get bogged down with HTML, CSS, and learning WordPress, the Velocity Package is the perfect way for you to get started!

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