Lesson 10 of 12: If You Don't Have Passion, Don't Waste Our Time

Lesson 10 of 12: If You Don’t Have Passion, Don’t Waste Our Time

This is part 10 of a series of 12 lessons I've learned about life and entrepreneurship over the past few years of building a successful online business. I hope you click here and start from the very beginning.

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lessons i've learned 10 have passion or don't waste time

12 Lessons I've Learned from My Journey

10: If you don't have passion for what you're doing, don't waste anyone's time

Statistically, 70% of people are looking for a job other than the one they have now. That means most of the people you know are unsatisfied or unhappy five out of the seven days of the week.

Don't start your business only to do something that makes you miserable. If the direction you're headed isn't a direction you love, stop, turn around, and run the other way. Life is too short to do something you don't enjoy, so don't create a business around something that doesn't excite you.

Sure, there will be aspects of your business you don’t enjoy. But those unenjoyable pieces should be a very small part of your overall daily activities. People can hear the excitement in your voice and feel the energy change around happy people, so only do work that makes you happy. Anything else will just be a waste of everyone's time. And, if all you're doing is putting in the reps, you'll ALWAYS get passed up by someone who loves what they're doing.

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