Lesson 7 of 12: You Will Never Be Ready

Lesson 7 of 12: You Will Never Be Ready

This is part 7 of a series of 12 lessons I've learned about life and entrepreneurship over the past few years of building a successful online business. I hope you click here and start from the very beginning.

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lessons i've learned 7 you'll never be ready

12 Lessons I've Learned from My Journey

7: You can't wait until you're ready before you begin – you will never be ready

There was a time in my life when I thought I wanted to be a financial advisor. My coach told me what I needed to do in order to grow my business, but I thought I knew better and tried things my way. I read, studied, took tests, and all of the other things I thought I needed to get ready… and none of it mattered.

As I exited that industry, I looked back at the people who were successful and realized that people who got results were the ones who took action before they were ready.

In life and in business there will always be things to do, and there will always be more you could've done. But, at the end of the day, we can't talk about the things we were going to do, and our customers can't buy something that we were going to build.

Every time I've seen success in my business, I moved forward before I was ready. And, guess what? It all turned out ok.

And one more thing.

Nobody is going to tell you to go. You have to take your foot off the brake and step on the gas. And, if you realize you've headed in the wrong direction, you can always course-correct down the road, or simply turn around and start over. No experience is wasted experience, but you have to get started before you're ready.

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