Lesson 11 of 12: Think Win Win

Lesson 11 of 12: Think Win Win

This is part 11 of a series of 12 lessons I've learned about life and entrepreneurship over the past few years of building a successful online business. I hope you click here and start from the very beginning.

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12 Lessons I've Learned from My Journey

11: With Added Creativity, Everybody Can Win

Two people argued over an orange.

“I need it!”

“No, I need it!”

They couldn't decide who would get the orange, so they decided nobody would get the orange. Turns out, one person wanted to eat the orange while the other needed the peel to zest for a recipe. Because they didn’t communicate, and because they didn't think creatively, neither person got what they wanted when it was possible for both of them to get what they wanted.

You won't get very far in life or business if you're always screwing someone over. Your reputation and brand are built on how you treat other people.

It's easy to look out for #1. It's easy to push people aside to get what you want. But how far will that actually get you?

While I believe 100% that you should look out for yourself and make yourself a priority, I don't believe that other people have to LOSE for us to WIN. If you believe in the phrase, “It's lonely at the top,” I believe you're doing it wrong.

With a little bit of creativity and extra effort, in most situations, both parties can win.

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