Lesson 2 of 12: Have an Awesome Partner by Your Side

Lesson 2 of 12: Have an Awesome Partner by Your Side

This is part 2 of a series of 12 lessons I've learned about life and entrepreneurship over the past few years of building a successful online business. I hope you click here and start from the very beginning.

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lessons I've learned from my journey 2 have an awesome partner

12 Lessons I've Learned from My Journey

2: Have an Awesome Partner by Your Side

If Ashley wasn't an awesome wife and partner, I never would have been able to start my business. The months after I got fired were rough, and I wouldn't have had the financial capital to invest six months into building my business.

Whether your partner is a spouse or a co-owner in your business, you need to be smart about who you get into bed with. Ha, while on one hand, that's s literal example, it's still true on the other.

Your partner needs to be someone you can count on. Your partner should be someone you trust and who you know will pull their weight. Life and business are hard, and you need a partner who'll encourage you, keep you accountable, and help keep you focused.
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