2 Magical Ingredients for Success

2 Magical Ingredients for Success

Honestly, it hurts a little bit to share this with you because I know the results are my own fault.

consistency and frequency are the keys to success

In case you're not sure what you're looking at, the image above shows my Google Analytics from the past twelve months. When I wasn't consistently creating content, the number of visitors to my site started to decline. When I didn't post frequently, the numbers declined even more.

It has taken me more than 6 months to recover.

Point #1: Consistency AND frequency are key to your success.

If you don't show up consistently and frequently, you will FAIL at EVERYTHING you do. You need both of those things. Halley's Comet is consistent but it's not frequent. Consistently doing something is not enough.

Point #2: Momentum is HARD to get back once it's lost.

For the past 5+ years, I've published on ellorywells.com almost every week. However, at the beginning of 2018 and during parts of 2017, my discipline wavered. In the image, you can see the results of my INconsistency and my INfrequency. You can see the loss of momentum. And, you can see how hard it's been to get back to where I was before I got lazy and complacent.

Just imagine the traffic I'd have if I'd had the discipline and time management to stay consistent and frequent…

Point #3: It's always my fault

With entrepreneurship, it's always your fault. And that's not always a bad thing. If we want the results, we have to do the things that get results (a topic in this July's Catalyst Monthly). Obviously, during the yellow and red months in the image, I wasn't doing the things that got me results.

I've built a great business that allows me to travel wherever I want to, take time off whenever I want to, and spend time with whomever I want to.

On your journey toward success, is the loss of momentum worth a day off?

What about a week?

How about a month?

Taking a day, week or month off is OBVIOUSLY about more than just the time you take off. It's OBVIOUSLY about the MOMENTUM you could potentially lose.

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