3 Reasons You Should Attend Mastermind Weekend in Austin, Texas

3 Reasons You Should Attend Mastermind Weekend in Austin, Texas

What if you could spend 36 hours with other entrepreneurs who understood you and what you were trying to achieve with your business?

How would your life and business be different if you were able to connect with people who would encourage you, share their business-building techniques with you, and have the opportunity to get real-time feedback about what you're doing in your company?

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you should attend mastermind weekend

At the end of March, I asked my clients what they wanted.

We talked about how I'd been hosting virtual mastermind meetings for almost three years and the fact that I'd held over 150 meetings. We also discussed how I'd been coaching for almost four years, and they reminded me how much of an impact I'd had on their lives. (It sounds like I'm bragging, but that's what they told me). Since they'd each experienced the connection of a virtual mastermind, they all agreed that live events should be my next goal.

So, when I asked my clients what they wanted…

Mastermind Weekend is what they asked for.

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The Concept

The first time I attempted a live event of this type was in May of 2014. I grew up camping, my wife and I enjoy camping, and I thought the idea of sitting around a campfire talking about business would be a smash hit.

And it was; sort of.

3 years ago, I barely had any clients, my email list had less than 100 people on it, and hardly anyone knew who I was.

Today, everything has changed.

The entrepreneur community made one of my books an Amazon #1 bestseller, 100s of people have purchased, learned and benefited from my self-published book Exit Strategy, and I've been allowed to speak at several conferences and to business and marketing students at a major university.

My goal with Mastermind Weekend is to combine the collaboration of a virtual mastermind and the impact of a live event and create an amazing, educational, and powerful two-day event for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Why Live Events Are Important

Without technology and the ability to do video calls with people around the world, my business would look vastly different. Perhaps that is true for you too.

However, in a world of virtual meetings, long distance phone calls, and internet hangouts, the handshake still rules. When you can sit across the table from another owner, when you can share a drink with your fellow entrepreneurs, and when you can sit in the same room and experience the same things, you can take your relationships to the next level.

Mastermind Weekend provides all of those things.

3 Reasons You Should Attend Mastermind Weekend

1: Actionable Advice from Real Business Owners

After leading hundreds of mastermind meetings with entrepreneurs at all stages of business and from locations around the world, I've developed a powerful formula for success that will keep attendees both encouraged and accountable. Each session will give you the opportunity to introduce your business, share a recent accomplishment, and participate in the hot seat.

As the world goes more online and the internet gets bigger, one of the biggest challenges small businesses face is obscurity – nobody knows who they are. That stems from things like poor marketing, inadequate communication, or just plain unclear customer messaging. During your mastermind sessions, you'll learn how to break through information silos, market your business better, and communicate your brand messaging more effectively.

Trust me, this works, and I have the testimonials to prove it.

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2: Real-Time, Relevant Feedback for Your Business

Another reason you should attend Mastermind Weekend is that this isn't another event where you hear about other success stories but have to theorize about how you can apply what you learn to your own business. At Mastermind Weekend, you will not be one in a thousand attendees, and the information won't be diluted to meet the needs of everyone.

As a Mastermind Weekend attendee, you will get to present your business to the group and receive direct and actionable advice from other owners about how to reach new clients, increase revenue, and grow your business.

NOTE: Participating in the hot seat doesn't mean you or your business is broken or failing. On the contrary. I've worked with million-dollar businesses and their owners to help them achieve new and amazing things. Mastermind aren't for the weak; they're for the strong who want to become stronger.

3: Expand Your Network & Develop Partnerships

Successful businesses are owned by entrepreneurs with powerful relationships. Each day of your Mastermind Weekend has dedicated networking and connection time built-in, so you can grow a network of reliable and knowledgeable entrepreneurs from around the world.

Not every moment will be learn, learn, learn, and not every session is going to be business, business, business. I believe entrepreneurship and business ownership are too hard to not be having fun, so there'll be plenty of that too. Don't worry, you're not paying to party, but I'll make sure you get a good mix of fun and post-college knowledge.


If you've ever sat in a giant auditorium or conference center and wondered how you could take what the person on stage was saying and apply it to your business, Mastermind Weekend is for you. Not only will you get to learn from and engage with business experts (not just me), but you'll get to connect and interact with other business owners too. You can get more information about the event, the venue, and travel by clicking here.

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