4 People Who Should Have Been Happy

4 People Who Should Have Been Happy

Have you ever met someone who you thought should be happy, but wasn't? Why weren't they?

should be happy but not

I love coaching people. I've said that before, but the past few weeks have been odd for me.

Each of the people I'm about to mention reached out to me. I did not target them, contact them, or communicate with them in any way, but I'll come back to that in a second.

4 People Who Should Have Been Happy

The 1st was a teacher in Texas, making what a teacher makes and doing what a teacher does, but who wasn't satisfied doing it.

The 2nd was a financial service consultant in the mid-west, making $300k, going on vacations, living the high life, but ultimately wants more.

The 3rd was a doctor in the northeast part of the USA who has a very successful practice, but who, again, isn't as happy as they thought they'd be and wants to help even more people.

The 4th was another teacher, this time in Illinois, who also was not happy doing what they did. This person loves WHAT they do, just not HOW they do it.

4 People Who Should Have Been Happy

The reason I'm bringing this up is that these types of people, teachers, highly paid consultants and doctors, these are the types of people I thought would be the LAST ones to connect to my message about being unhappy at their job and feeling nauseous before walking into work.

I'm sitting here a little dumbfounded, but at the same time in awe.

I'm dumbfounded because I never thought that A) I'd be able to coach people like I do, and B) that these types of people would feel the same way I felt from 2012-2014. I'm in awe because these people, from all corners of the country, from all types of backgrounds, salary ranges, and job types, they're all unhappy.

I think I'm feeling these emotions because, at some point in my life, I've thought about wanting to be each of those things – a teacher, a highly paid financial guru, a respected doctor…

This goes to show each of us that the grass is NOT always greener. And, in fact, the people with the “greener grass” might just be looking at us the same way we're looking at them.

The cool and crazy part about being a business coach is that I get a (mostly) objective look at the lives of my clients. I see what they can't see, and I can (sometimes) see a clear path where they cannot.

I would love to

  • help the teacher in Dallas to start a music studio and introduce music to kids.
  • help the consultant in Minnesota to write his next book, grow his business, and travel the world with his family.
  • help the doctor work with parents, gain location independence, and make people lives better.
  • help the teacher in Wisconsin to reach her freedom number, teach art, and make a difference.

I hate seeing words like, “Heart-breaking and life sucking,” “pigeonholed,” “deprived” and “sick to my stomach” in emails.


All that to say, there's a better way, and a way out if you're willing to put in the work, make a change, and go after what you want. As I said at the very beginning, each of these people had the courage to reach out to someone they didn't know (me) and share something deeply personal.

If you've read this far…

… it means this message and the people I mentioned are like you in some small way.

… and if you KNOW that tomorrow morning you'll sit in your car outside your place of work, and not want to put it in park so you can go inside…

… I HOPE you'll reach out to someone who can help you find a better way forward.

If you think I'm that person who could help you get where you want to go, I hope you'll take a look at one of my programs below.

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