6 Reasons You Need to Launch Your First Product Immediately

6 Reasons You Need to Launch Your First Product Immediately

You're gripped by fear, but you shouldn't be. You're waiting until the timing is right, but it never will be.

You've been working on your website for weeks, and your first product isn't quite ready. You've spent hours agonizing over every detail, but fear is keeping you from hitting


When I started my website, I was terrified to launch my first product. Had I known then what I know now (I find myself saying that a lot lately), I would do things differently. I would have launched my first product earlier, and that's what I want to share with you.

Reasons to launch your product

Before my ebook on starting a podcast hit bestseller status, it sat 95% done in a folder on my computer. I'd written it in the fall and early spring only to get busy, sidetracked, and paralyzed by fear.

When you finally hit publish, whether it's on a blog post, a podcast episode, or your first ebook, you open yourself up to judgment.

People don't have to judge you by saying they don't like our message. No, that would be too easy. They judge us by not showing up at all, or, if they do, in the way we imagined. They can judge us by not buying our products on launch day or not sharing about us on social media.

But, as my book sat mostly done, collecting virtual dust on my computer, I realized I wasn't making an impact. I realized I wasn't touching the lives I wanted to or helping the people I wanted to help.

I had a clear message –

You don't have to spend a lot of money to share your message with the world via a podcast.

Every time I heard someone talk about not sharing their story due to not being able to afford equipment, I knew I was betraying that person. I was betraying them because I had a solution to their problem but I wasn't sharing it.

Exit Strategy BookBy the way, the book that hit bestseller wasn't my first product. It wasn't my second or third either. But, what I learned by launching the first, I used when creating the others.

I want to share with you what I've learned in the hope that you will launch your first product immediately. My hope is that you'll get further faster, and see more success in a shorter amount of time than I saw when I started.

There are hidden benefits to launching your first product and seeing it through to completion. You'll learn about yourself, discover new talents, and have your share of headaches.

Nonetheless, it's something every successful person must face. The launch.

6 Reasons You Need to Launch Your First Product Immediately

1. Your first product isn't going to make you rich anyway. But that's ok. I know what you're saying. I said it too:

My first product is so good!

While that's probably true, it's still not going to make you rich. No one hits a home run their first at-bat. It's ok. Your next product will be even better.

2. You can be your own sponsor. By launching your first product, you can sponsor your other products, posts, and podcast episodes. Yep, you can. Even the big name bloggers and online business coaches sponsor their own products.

Michael Hyatt used his online community “Platform” to sponsored his podcast for months. You can do the exact same thing. In fact, I'd recommend it.

3. You'll learn more by launching one product than you'd learn with ten products finished half way. As you take your product from idea to implementation, you'll learn things you couldn't learn any other way. The process itself is more valuable than the end result.

In those final stages, you'll learn more about yourself, your message, and even your product, than you expect.

Getting ten products started is great, but seeing one through to the end is even better.

4. You need a win. Let's face it; you need a win! You've been working hard! Staying up late, getting up early, burning the candle at both ends. You need results!

By pushing your product to launch, you gain a sense of closure. Sure, you may revise it next week or make version 2.0, but you've finished it!

Now you've launched your first product, two critical things can happen.

  • First, it's now possible to make your first dollar. The first dollar is the hardest. It's also like a drug. Once you sell your first product online you're hooked. At this point in your journey you need this!
  • Second, you need to know making money online is possible. You need to see that achieving your dream is within your grasp. You need the validation that comes when someone spends their hard-earned money on what you've created.

Don't try to downplay this. You need this! You need a win and until you get it, you'll be sweating bullets. Or, at least, I was.

5. You'll build momentum. Your first product will lead to another and then another. You'll start launching new products in shorter and shorter amounts of time, each one getting easier.

Once you've built your momentum, embrace it. Breathe it in deep and run with all you've got.

Momentum will keep you moving. It will get you up earlier and help you stay up later. Momentum will keep your gas tanks full and your engine running. It will give you strength you didn't know you had.

Launching your first product is such an enormous obstacle, that once you've done it, it'll be like you're running on jet fuel!

Launch your first, and then your second. Then another. And another. Only you can stand in your way now!

6. You'll be encouraged. Up until you launched everything existed in your head. All the words were saved in a Word document you guarded with your life and wouldn't let anyone see.

But when you launch, when you hit publish, when you ship it, you'll realize it's possible. This digital world we live in creates new possibilities every minute of every day.

By launching your first product you're taking advantage of what the world can offer. You're taking the necessary step to begin your journey and head out into the unknown.

Like an explorer, you're breaking new ground in a digital frontier. The world of possibilities spans before you.

Now you've hit publish, you evolve from consumer to producer. You transition from taking to giving, from absorbing knowledge to creating it. It's an incredible feeling!

Looking back, I wish I'd launched sooner. I wish I had learned these things earlier and started making a difference in the world quicker. Once you've launched, be sure you do what successful entrepreneurs do early and often.

Have you launched your first product? If you have, what is it?


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