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21 WordPress Plugins I Wouldn’t Run My Business Without

WordPress Plugins for Business

If you’re about to begin your journey of online business, you’ll most likely come across the name “WordPress.” WordPress is a framework. It’s like the frame of your car; it holds everything together and makes it work. You still need an engine (hosting), you still need to give it a coat of paint (themes), but […]

Disqus vs Livefyre – Why I Switched Comment Plugins (And Back Again)

Disqus vs Livefyre I switched plugins

When it comes to blogging, comments are huge! They’re not only an indicator of your effectiveness as a blogger, but comments are a good way to determine if you’re connecting with your audience. It’s easier to click “like,” “tweet,” or “share this” than it is to leave a comment. If a reader takes the time […]

Black Friday

Black Friday / Cyber MondayDealsDeals End in… 10 Days 09 Hours 40 Minutes 40 Seconds Some deals have expired, but there’s still amazing savings below! Regular Price​$99/moBlack Friday Deal$65/moLifetime DiscountLike Having a Mastermind But Without the MeetingsEvery month you’ll be able to go to your mailbox and get a newly printed and minted issue of […]

WAITLIST – 8 Weeks to Exit – Dear Entrepreneur

How to (Finally) Get Started Online(and become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be!) An 8 Week Startup Training Program Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen…The Best Tools, Information & LIVE Training to help you get started right.A Tested & Proven Roadmap with weekly step-by-step instructions for you to follow.A knowledgeable & helpful community of entrepreneurs to help keep […]

2016: The Year in Review

This will be the fourth year I’ve done a community survey and shared my results from the previous twelve months. I really enjoy a look back over the past year, and I think it’s important to review our progress, assess our goals, and, if necessary, make changes. We all should pause, often, to examine not […]

What Massive Failure Taught Me About Successful Entrepreneurship

failure success entrepreneurship

We’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of a project I started with high expectations. That project, however, failed miserably. Success isn’t about always winning. In fact, the most “successful” people out there are the ones who fail the most. Today I want to share about my project, why it failed, and why it might […]

Gear I Use

Every time I see the work of someone new I want to know what gear they’re using and what equipment they keep in their bag. If their quality is good, I want what they have so I can create great looking and sounding content as well! My philosophy, in general, is to start small and […]

EP80: How to Use Your Tax Refund to Start Your Business w/ Jason Beaton

EP80 How to Use Your Tax Refund to Start Your Business with Jason Beaton

Episode 80 of the Empowered Podcast is for the aspiring entrepreneur looking for smart ways to spend their tax refund. If you’ve been chomping at the bit to start your business, but you’ve been waiting to cash your tax refund check, check out this episode! One of my oldest friends, Jason Beaton, and I talk about using […]

25 Tools You Should Be Using To Automate Your Business

Tools to Streamline and Automate Your Business

Over the past three years, I’ve been working behind the scenes, testing hundreds of tools you can use to build an online business. Some tools are free, and some require a monthly subscription, and others still simply take a cut of whatever you’re selling. Long before I even thought about teaching a course to show how I do […]

12 Essential Tools for Your Startup Business

essential business tools 2020

Updated April 2, 2020. While much of the content remains mostly the same, most of the tool recommendations have changed. When I first wrote this, I’d just begun my online business journey. Now I’ve been in the world of online entrepreneurship for almost 7 years. If you’re like me, you didn’t go to business school. […]

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