The Old Way No Longer Works. It's Time for a Business Revolution

The Old Way No Longer Works. It’s Time for a Business Revolution

I believe that there is a better way to create, build and run a business. I believe that there is a way for everyone involved to win. I believe that there is a way that we can revolutionize the business world through the changing of its very foundation.

Business Revolution

In every textbook, motivational handbook or sales philosophy on success, we're instructed to think “win, win”. We're taught that by thinking like your adversary, taking the point of view of the buyer or figuring out what your opponent really wants in a negotiation, we can control the situation and take a course of action that results in everyone winning.

I believe that we should take this same philosophy and apply it to running a business.

At this point in our nation's history, morale is low, layoffs are everywhere and the jobless rate is at one of the highest points in history. Employees are seen as expendable where the “bottom-line” is concerned. Our nation's greatest resources, the American people, are seen as a means to an end and as objects that can be pushed to the brink of destruction.

I believe this has to stop.

I believe it's time for American businesses to start reinvesting in Americans.

I believe it's time that businesses start treating their employees like people; as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

I believe it's past time for our leaders to change their way of thinking and adopt a new form of leadership; a form of leadership that revolves around people and not a product, a form of leadership that focuses on everyone's success, not just those at the top.

Whenever there is a Wall Street bailout, who wins and who loses?

Those at the top are making the most money; they're the ones that get the bonuses, and they're the ones whose choices led the company to the brink of destruction. The people whose efforts pay the bills, keep the lights on and progress the company forward are the same ones who are on the “chopping-block” when it comes time to examine the “bottom-line”. If we keep going down this path, there will soon be no one there on Monday mornings to lay-off.

I believe that there is a better way. There has to be. No longer can America continue to outsource jobs to save a dollar. I believe that if businesses begin to reinvest in their people, that America will once again be the best place in the world to live, work and call home.

I believe that there are ways we can make a difference in the world and with the right leaders, we can effect change on a global scale.

Begin by giving ownership back to the people, back to the employees and back to those who have the largest stake in a company's success. Without reward, no one, not even the most avid gambler, would make an investment in a business. Business owners and managers have to show their people that they matter and that their voices are being heard. People have to have a cause in which to believe!

Some of the most influential people in the history of the world are not business owners, they aren't department managers and they aren't the ones that gain reward at the expense of those that they lead.

Take, for example, Mother Theresa. Through a kind word and an open hand she affected millions.

Look at Gandhi. He sold no product and owned no possessions, yet his name is known by billions.

These two individuals are among dozens throughout history who have affected change via belief.

A man led by fear will not be led for long.


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