A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes all we need to do is change our perspective. By changing your perspective, a square becomes a diamond, and a negative becomes a positive. By changing your perspective, an enemy becomes a friend.

By choosing to change our point of view we can change our situation and our life forever. Life often is a matter of perspective.

A Matter of Perspective - Zipper on Wall

In college, I became extremely good friends with one of my fraternity brothers. He and I had many of the same interests. We both liked doing the same things and hanging out with the same people. We enjoyed the same activities and both enjoyed playing the same intramural sports. When I needed a place to stay, he even helped me convince his other roommates that they should allow me to live above their bathroom as roommate number five in their three bedroom loft apartment.

Then came the new pledge class, the new round of recruits. One of the new guys was charismatic, athletic and enjoyed the same things as my friend and me. The new guy started showing up at our parties, stealing my friends' time away and generally getting on my nerves. I didn't like this new fraternity brother and I didn't want to get to know him.

house perspective

However, as I got to know this new brother, my perspective changed.

Instead of seeing him as the new guy coming in to try to be funnier than me, more athletic than me or generally “cooler” than me, I got to know him and what he was really about. Over time I began to learn that who we are friends with, and who we hang around, really are a matter of perspective.

Today, the guy who was once the new fraternity brother that I didn't care for, but honestly didn't even really know, is now one of my best friends. He and I were in each others' weddings, and I consider him an adviser to my business, a coach for my physical well-being, an honest man, and a loving and caring father. He is my personal friend.

The difference between the two, between an acquaintance and a close friend, is often simply a matter of perspective.

You may have seen this video of the speed painter before, but I feel like it is a great example of how something we see can be transformed from a confusing image into something easily understandable if we can simply change our perspective.

If you're like me, the people in the audience, and the judges, you were completely confused by this artist until the very end. I actually thought this guy was nuts and was about to be extremely embarrassed on national TV. Then, in the final seconds, the artist changed my perspective for me, and I had an “aha!” moment.

Reality really is a matter of perspective.

Whether or not you're where you want to be in life, maybe a change of perspective can do you some good. Sometimes, as the speed painter showed us, we have to turn what we know on its head in order for things to make sense.

Happiness in life really is a matter of perspective!

Question: When have you had an “aha” moment? Has changing your perspective ever led you to change your way of thinking? Have you, like me, turned a potential enemy into a friend? Share your story with me in the section below and tell me if you agree that life really is a matter of perspective!


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  • Lesly says:

    Its all about how we see things and we are the only ones that can change the perspective of how we see things… I Liked this a lot Ellory 🙂

  • Lesly says:

    Its all about how we see things and we are the only ones that can change the perspective of how we see things… I Liked this a lot Ellory 🙂

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