To Achieve Big Things, Think Small.

To Achieve Big Things, Think Small.

Have you ever wanted to achieve big things? Does the idea of massive success draw you in?

Well, I'm with you. I too have big plans to achieve big things.

However, if we are going to ever be successful and make it big, we have to start by thinking small.

Achieve Big by Thinking Small

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One of my good friends loves to say,

Do big things!

That phrase has almost become a mantra for him. We all want to do big things. We all want to achieve our goals and see our dreams realized.

But what I've learned is that big things come as a result of small things. Big things are the culmination of weeks, months, or even years, of taking small actions.

Big things can intimidate us. They can scare us into inaction. We get so focused on doing big things, we psych ourselves out and we end up doing nothing.

While doing big things is great, it's not how we get to where we're going. We arrive at our destination by taking daily steps to get there. We achieve our goals by doing the small things necessary to make them a reality.

If you're feeling overwhelmed along your journey, don't worry. Here are five small things you can do today to see massive results tomorrow.

Start with a network of one. To be successful you need a large network. A network of customers, of supporters, of friends. Don't focus on having a large network. Focus on making one connection every day.

Help one person. If you set out to change the world, you'll fail. Start by changing the life of the person sitting next to you. Change the life of enough people and you'll end up changing the world.

Write one blog post. You write a novel the same way you write a blog post – one word at a time. Don't think about how you'll build a library of content, focus on writing your first paragraph.

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Record one podcast. Your show won't win any awards or influence any lives if you never release an episode. Set up one interview or record one life story. Forget about episode 100, focus on episode one.

Sell one product. Don't worry about building your digital media empire. That can be daunting, believe me. Sell your first product. Impact the life of one person with your words, with your voice, or with what you know.

The first step is often the hardest. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Build your momentum over time, but take your first step today.

Question: What is one small thing you can do today that will result in big things tomorrow?


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