The Anatomy of the Perfect Email Subject Line [VIDEO]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Email Subject Line [VIDEO]

Before your emails can get read or clicked on, they have to pass the subject line test. If the subject line doesn't pique their interest, they won't open your email. To put it another way, if people don't want to read your email after they read the subject line, they won't.

So, how do you increase open rates and click through rates on your emails?

By writing better email subject lines.

In the video training below, I dissect the subject line one subscriber called “pure gold.” I'll talk about how I almost messed it up with a bad headline, and what I changed to make the subject line have a much bigger impact on my subscribers.

Here is The Anatomy of the Perfect Email Subject Line, and 3 things you should consider when crafting your emails.

Watch this video on YouTube:

3 Keys to the Perfect Subject Line:

  1. A good email subject line piques the reader's interest
  2. A good subject line is short, but not too short
  3. A good email subject line is related to the rest of the email

Want to learn more about email automation? Watch this video.

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