Are You Running on Autopilot?

Are You Running on Autopilot?

Have you ever arrived home after work and realized that you don't remember the drive? Your brain was on autopilot.

Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning but don't remember anything you did? Your brain was on auto pilot.

Are You Running on Autopilot?

Your autopilot brain takes over during routine tasks that you do all the time. It removes them from your focus and allows you to concentrate on other things.

But what if you could harness that power into something that benefits you both personally and professionally? What if you could direct your brain to focus on success without you having to tell it to do so?

Your brain is like a sponge. It sees everything that goes on around you and hears all of the words said in conversations throughout the day. This passive listening is partly where dreams come from. At night, when there is less stimulation than there is during the day, your brain tries to sort it all out. It attempts to make sense of the input received by your five senses. This subconscious sifting and sorting of information is why many dreams don't make sense. They're your brain's way of trying to the pieces together. That's also why what you read or study right before going to sleep is most easily remembered.

What if you could train your autopilot brain to automate your leadership skills? What if you could have your mind thinking about ways you could stand out at the office, or position yourself as a leader, all without you having to consciously think about it?

Instead of automating brushing of your teeth in the morning, or your evening commute, your mind could be so well-trained that it's processing ways you can make a difference while your subconscious reviews the day's activities.

Question: How would you train your auto-pilot brain? What would you have it do, and what problem would you have it take on? Please leave me a comment by clicking here!

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