Why You Should Follow Your Dreams and Realize You're Worth Fighting For

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams and Realize You’re Worth Fighting For

In one of the book clubs I'm leading, we are currently going through The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. You can read my review of the book here. Toward the end of the book there's a section entitled, “Don't Complain About What You Allow” in which Olson poses the question, “Are you your own cause?” With that in mind, I wanted to ask you, Are you worth fighting for?

Several months ago, on my way home from work, I started recording my voice for an article that I never published. This article started off asking the question, “What do you work too hard for?” I wanted to know what you considered the line in the sand, where you decided that enough was enough, and that you'd start taking a more empowered stance when it came to your future.

Things like “I work too hard to let someone else stand in my way,” and thoughts like “I work too hard to not enjoy life” immediately came to mind. I'm surrounded by people who work too hard to let other people hold them back from achieving their dreams. What I was missing then, when I was in the car driving home, was Olson's chapter and his question, “Are you your own cause?”

I posed this question to the book club and I'll ask you the same thing.

Are you worth fighting for?

I feel that the two questions are very similar and could possibly take us in the same direction. Now, let me take a moment and explain why I feel that these are such important questions. If you've been reading my website for very long, you know that my goal is to empower others. I want to leave a positive mark on the people around me. I have hopes, goals, dreams, intentions and expectations, just like I know you have. I've bet on myself.

Or have I? Have I really gone “all-in?” Have I jumped into my passion for leading with both feet? Have I made the commitment to myself that I'm worth fighting for? When I read that chapter in The Slight Edge, and I saw Olson's question, “Are you your own cause?” I had to stop and think. Am I – are my goals, my dreams and my plans – am I worth fighting for?

I want you to take a moment and imagine a few things with me. Think about your kids, your spouse, your life, are they worth fighting for? What are you letting stand in the way of your hopes and dreams? Is it fear? Is it doubt? Is it circumstance?

Later in the book, Olson starts chapter 10 with the statement that “Investing in your own improvement, your own personal growth and betterment” is the “most critical step in accomplishing any challenging task.” Taking the time to invest in yourself is one way that you say to the world, “HEY! I'm worth fighting for!”

When we die we each leave it all. But how much we leave is up to us.

I shared that with my wife and members of my team in May. When you look back on the life you lived, don't you want to be able to say, “I led a life worth fighting for!”? I know I do! And I want to help you live it.

Are you worth fighting for? Are you your own cause? Share your comments with me below; I'd love to read them and respond! Oh, and before you go, don't forget to subscribe with your email address so you can get a notification about each new article!


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