Why Should I Hire You?

What makes you different? What makes you special? Not different and special the way that got you picked on in school, but the different that makes you extraordinary. Why are you better than the next person? In the professional world, why should you be considered for a job instead of the next applicant? Why should I […]

The Only Debt Worth Owing

Leaders don’t just lead some of the time, or just when they feel like it. Leaders don’t just lead between the hours of 8 and 5, or only during the week. Leaders lead all the time. Empoweringthe80Percent isn’t just about getting ahead or leading in business or in your professional life. It’s about leading. Pure and simple, wholly and totally. Leaders lead because […]

On Personal Branding

Personal branding is absolutely critical to your successes in life and in your career. If your personal brand is not absolutely important to you, you’ll never realize how pivotal it is to those around you. Your personal brand is the image or idea that is in someone’s mind when they hear or see your name. […]