You Want to Lead. Now What?

Stand out as a Leader

So, you’ve decided to become a leader. Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first and one of the most important steps; you made a decision. Most people never decide to take action; they simply react to life. Making a decision is crucial and admirable; decision-making takes courage, since without decision, there would be no risk. Keep […]

Online Personal Branding

A few weeks ago we looked at personal branding. We examined what personal branding is and how it can help or hurt you and we looked at a case study of Coca-Cola and how they’ve evolved their brand over the last 100+ years. What I’d like to look at today is Online Personal Branding. You may or […]

When Slow is the Way to Go

There are many things in life that remain constant; death, taxes, change, things like that, but I wanted to touch on this: we all live and work in a world with people. Sometimes these people can be our greatest assets, sometimes they can can be the water that helps move us along, and sometimes they can challenge […]