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My Small Business Tech Stack

my small business tech stack hardware software

The hardware and software you choose to power your business tech stack are a big deal. Choose right, and you’re set up for future growth and expansion and scalability. Choose wrong, and, at best, you’re out a bit of money and a few weeks of time and energy. At worst, you’re out thousands of dollars, […]

How $2,081.39 in Software Allows Me to Run My Business From Anywhere

software run my business from anywhere

It wasn’t all that long ago when I got a call from one of my mastermind clients urging me to make some upgrades to my landing page software. Back then, the thought of spending $97 on a WordPress plugin was ludicrous. Want to listen? There’s an audio version below Now, nearly four years later, my […]

What’s In My Conference Travel Kit?

conference travel kit bag

Conference season is rapidly approaching, and you might find yourself looking to get all the supplies you need to make your conference-going efforts successful. In fact, one of my new friends who’ll be joining me in Vegas has already asked me how she can prepare, and what she should bring. When I shared this travel […]

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