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13 Ways Starting a Business Will Make You A Better Person

starting a business better human

Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is one of the greatest things you can do. Entrepreneurs, and the businesses they start, create amazing new products, provide revolutionary solutions to real world problems, and alter the course of history. If you want to change the world, become an entrepreneur and start a business. Over the […]

The 10 Most-Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned After 5 years of Intense Personal Growth

Valuable Lessons best advice

Over the past several years, I’ve had conversations with thousands of entrepreneurs at all points along the spectrum of success. From people with just a hint of an idea to successful multi-millionaires. During this time, I have learned so much about dedication, perseverance, surrounding yourself with the right people, and staying focused on the goal. […]

Why It’s Impossible to Be Different (And What We Can Do About It)

impossible to be different

Sameness. Background noise. Irrelevant. Ignored. These words slap me in the face and terrify me as an entrepreneur. Like the “emo” kids and “goths” of yesteryear, we’re all trying to be different, but we all look the same. Let me explain. Want to listen? There’s an audio version below Trying to Be Human Just a […]

How to Market Your Business with a Blog

Market Your Business with a Blog

Think blogging is “old-school” or irrelevant in today’s fast-paced culture? Have you dismissed having a blog for your business as a waste of time? If you have, maybe it’s time to reconsider short-form writing as a way to market your business and as a crucial part of your business’s marketing strategy. Here’s why… I’m a […]

The Myth of the Ideal Work Environment

Ideal Work Environment Myth

The ideal work environment doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. The best we can do is create a place where we can focus, collaborate, and get the support and accountability we need to succeed. Want to listen? There’s an audio version below When I wrote my original post about the ideal work environment, my goal was to […]

EP94: Becoming a Successful Coach w/ Valerie Groth (@ValerieGroth)

EP94 Valerie Groth Building a Coaching Business

Episode 94 of the Empowered Podcast features life coach, speaker, blogger, podcaster and philanthropist, Valerie Groth. If you want to become a coach, but don’t know how to get started, or, you want to charge for your services, but don’t know how to price them, this episode is for you! Today, Valerie shares how she got started […]

EP87: Discovering Your Purpose (and How to Use it to Fuel Your Passion) w/ Dale Thomas Vaughn (@NextGent)

EP87 Dale Thomas Vaughn Pupose Masculinity

Episode 87 of the Empowered Podcast features speaker, author and coach, Dale Thomas Vaughn. Today you’ll hear about the power of purpose and how finding yours will throw fuel on the fire of your success. Thank Dale for being on the show! Dale’s Mission: To help men discover what they want from their lives & to empower […]

EP79: 12 Books that Shaped My Past and Created My Future [GIVEAWAY]

EP79 Books that Shaped my Future

Episode 79 of the Empowered Podcast is all about the books that shape our pasts and create our futures. Inspired by the amount of wisdom found in the 80-year-old book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I set out to find the other books that have made a significant impact on who I am today. I […]

The Weight of Entrepreneurship

Weight of Entrepreneurship

When I set out to be an online entrepreneur I imagined all the glamorous things. Living on the beach, traveling the world, making more money than I could spend, and making a difference with what I know. Maybe you’ve had the same thoughts. Visions of life outside the confines of your cubicle. Dreams of impacting […]

EP56: How to Merge Your Passions for a Happy Life w/ Jon D Harrison (@CT_blog)

EP56 Jon Harrison is Classically Trained

Episode 56 of the Empowered Podcast features professional blogger, leadership expert and video game guru, Jon Harrison. Jon and I met a few years ago when he was blogging about leadership and personal development. Recently, however, he changed topics. He realized his passion was for vintage and classic video games. He asked himself how he […]

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