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How to Market Your Products & Make More Money

how to market products make more money

When I started CigarScore in December of 2018, I only had a rough idea of how I’d monetize the platform. I knew I wanted to sell upgraded listings and advertising, but I didn’t yet have a marketing plan or a strategy I could put in place. Want to listen? There’s an audio version (with BONUS […]

Email Automation Basics [VIDEO]

email automation explained whiteboard training

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build and grow your business and make more sales. Also, sending emails is another way you can create a good customer experience and provide amazing customer service. But all of that means nothing if you don’t have an email automation. In this video, we’ll talk about […]

Sales Funnel Basics [VIDEO]

sales funnel basics explained

In today’s whiteboard training, we’re going to cover the basics of a sales funnel. There are two ways to look at sales funnels. First, you could look at the sales funnel as a way to filter out uninterested people so that you’re only left with the hottest of leads. Second, you could look at a […]

Blog Post SEO Checklist [Free Download]

boost seo checklist

Are you creating great content but wondering why you’re not getting more traffic? If that sounds familiar, you might have a few gaps in your SEO efforts. Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber or another type of business owner, search engine optimization can bring your more traffic, increase your visitors, and help your products show […]

How to Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar [VIDEO]

how to identify your ideal client avatar

One of the things that will make or break you in business is how well you can identify and target your ideal clients, your ideal “avatar.” By focusing on who will get the most value from your products, and speaking directly to that person and people like that person, you’ll save money, you won’t waste […]

How to Use Quizzes To Grow Your Email List and Send Personalized Emails

how to use quizzes to grow your email list

Have you ever wondered why companies like Clinique ask visitors to take the skin type quiz? Ever thought about why bloggers, podcasters, and other entrepreneurs are offering free online “assessments?” In each of these examples, businesses are using quizzes to grow their email list. And today, I’m going to share how you can do it […]

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