What's In My Conference Travel Kit?

What’s In My Conference Travel Kit?

Conference season is rapidly approaching, and you might find yourself looking to get all the supplies you need to make your conference-going efforts successful. In fact, one of my new friends who'll be joining me in Vegas has already asked me how she can prepare, and what she should bring.

conference travel kit bag

When I shared this travel kit with my email subscribers, they loved the idea. The email with this information received 3-4x as many click-throughs as normal. So, to help you plan for your next conference, I've shared my conference travel kit below.

Here's what I carry with me almost 100% of the time:

My North Face Borealis Backpack – I spent more on this bag than I've ever spent on a backpack before… but it's 1000% worth it. It's more comfortable than any other bag I've owned, and it's more protective of my gear. Plus, spending more on something you use almost every day is a good investment in my book. (I have the gray & green one)

These Notebooks by Piccadilly – You can't go to a conference (or any meeting) without the ability to take notes! I buy these little black notebooks by the handful and I even give them to some of my clients. The cost less than the Moleskine alternatives, and they're just as durable. (I get the black, medium, hardcover, ruled ones (the ones w/ the orange wrapper))

A hand full of these Pilot pens – I only use one kind of pen and these are it. When I run out… let's just not talk about that. (Black or blue, but almost always black)

My Bose QC35 headphones – Music is a big part of my life; I almost always have something playing. These headphones are AMAZING and Bose has the absolute best noise-canceling on the market. After one awesome conference, I was so tired on the plane that I put these headphones on, turned on the noise canceling but didn't play any music, and just tuned out the plane noise and slept. (I jam w/ the silver ones)

An older version of this Anker PowerCore+ – If you're an online entrepreneur like me, you'll want to keep your devices all charged up. And, conferences seem to suck the battery from my phone at an alarming rate. This charger will get my phone to 100% several times over so I can keep Snapping and sharing stories (and checking email) without worry. This device has been a life saver!

What's in your conference “go bag?”


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