8 Weeks to Exit

The Resources: Links to Download & Access

Lesson 4 Module 1

To help you get started and set up the quickest and most efficient way possible, I've included a condensed list of the resources, tools, software, etc., that I use every day in my business. 

In no way are you required to use any of these, but if you do, my team and I will be able to support you that much better since these are the tools with which we are most familiar.

These resources are listed in the order you'll most likely need them.

Buying & Registering Domains

I use and recommend GoDaddy. Most domain registrars are fine, but I would recommend you buy all of yours from the same registrar to keep everything organized. When you buy domains from the same company, you'll never have to wonder where to go to make changes.

Signing Up for Hosting

I use and recommend GreenGeeks. Not all hosting companies are created equal, and after extensive testing, I use and recommend GreenGeeks. They're based in the USA and their servers are powered by renewable energy. You want a hosting company based in your country, or at least where most of your visitors live, so you can get the best speeds possible. 

Awesome WordPress Themes

I use and recommend ThriveThemes. Not only does ThriveThemes have great themes, but they have amazing landing page templates all members have access to. Plus, split testing is built into almost everything they offer to help you increase conversion rates. Their drag and drop visual editor, Thrive Architect, is amazing for beginners (and super-nerds like me!).

Powerful (but inexpensive) Email

I use and recommend ActiveCampaign. After personally testing several email marketing services, I've found ActiveCampaign to be not only the most feature-rich, but one of the least expensive options as well. Every email I send goes through AC for tracking, follow-ups, etc. Plus, AC has seamless integration with ThriveThemes software.

Throughout the 8 Weeks to Exit course, there will be additional training on how to use and implement these services in the most effective way possible. Also, there will likely be other resources I recommend over the next several weeks.

And, as I mentioned above, you do not have to use any of these, but if you do, we'll be able to help you with almost any question you have.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, leave them below, and we'll jump in to help.

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