8 Weeks to Exit

Introduction & Expectations

Lesson 1 Module 1


Thank you for enrolling in 8 Weeks to Exit!

When I started writing my book Exit Strategy, my goal was to help as many people as possible start a business, sign clients, sell products, and, eventually, leave their jobs.

No more sick-to-your-stomach feelings when you log into your work computer. No more dreaded meetings that accomplish nothing. And no more bosses who treat you like crap.

Can I get a HELL YEAH!?


Let me give you an idea of what you can expect as you go through this course. 8 Weeks to Exit is meant to be a companion to Part III: The Roadmap from Exit Strategy. What follows is a list of action items that will guide you to freedom.​

However, instead of reading the book and maybe making some highlights, perhaps dog-earing some pages or underlying a few key passages, but ultimately shelving the book for "later," 8 Weeks to Exit offers engaging training, accountability, community, and so many more things that entrepreneurs need to be successful.

While you can read the book and go through some of the materials at whatever pace you want, the content of the program is intentionally spaced out over the next 8 weeks.

8 Weeks to Exit is the timeline I wish I’d followed from the very beginning. I’ll share what to do, when you should to it, the tools you should use, and how you can move forward along a timeline to help you turn your exit strategy plans into an exit strategy reality.

And the real value of going through this program - You’ll get my recommendations, support, encouragement, and advice every step along the way.


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