8 Weeks to Exit

8 Weeks to Exit

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Learn how to build a solid foundation for your business. Over 40 video lessons that walk you through the process of buying a domain to creating your first products and developing your content marketing plan.

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Course Structure

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Introduction & Expectations

Let me welcome you to the 8 Weeks to Exit program, and share what I expect, and what YOU can expect from ME.

How to Navigate the Training

In order for you to get the most out of 8 Weeks to Exit, let me show you how to navigate the training and all you have access to.

The Community: How to Get Plugged In

8 Weeks to Exit is about more than just teaching, learning, and building a business. It's about community. Here's how to get plugged in.

The Resources: Links to Download & Access

Here are all of the products/services (and descriptions for each) that you could need, in addition to the course material itself, to help you get started the right way.

Step 1: Domain & Hosting 3 Lessons

Purchase Your Domain/URL

In this lesson, I'll walk you step-by-step through the process of purchasing a domain. What to do, and mistakes to avoid that might save you some money.

Create a Hosting Account

In this lesson, I'll walk you step-by-step through the process of signing up for a hosting account.

Install WordPress

Installing WordPress isn't too technical, but questions can come up. In this lesson, I'll walk you through the process and show you what you do and do not need.

Step 2: Design and Social Media 1 Lesson

Connect with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Most of the world is on Facebook. That means most of your audience is there too. Here's how to create a Facebook page.

Step 3: Analytics and Pixels 2 Lessons

Add Google Analytics to Your Website

Google Analytics is the most powerful tool available to learn more about your website's visitors. In this lesson, I'll introduce you to the tool, and show you how to get started the right way.

Add Facebook Pixel to Your Website

Using the Facebook Pixel, you can re-target your website's visitors long after they've left your site. In this lesson, I'll teach you how to create the pixel code and add it to your website.

Step 4: About Page 1 Lesson

Write Your About Page

Of the 5 pages every website must have, your about page is one of the most popular. In this lesson, I'll show you how to create an amazing About page that highlights your talents and skills.

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Step 1: Identify Your Avatar 1 Lesson

Complete the Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet

Understanding your ideal client, your "Avatar," and what they need, is one of the most important parts of building a business. I'll show you my #1 tool for this - the Avatar Worksheet.

Step 2: Create a Content Calendar 1 Lesson

How to Create a Content Calendar

Anyone can create content, but not everyone can tell a story. This lesson will show you how to organize your content in a way that attracts visitors and converts them to customers.

Step 3: Email Friends and Family 1 Lesson

Email Friends & Family

Your existing network is more powerful than most people realize. In this lesson, you'll learn how to reach out to your 1st level connections, enlist their help, and get your message out there.

Step 4: Email Opt-ins 2 Lessons

Set Up Your Email Marketing Account

Every business needs an email list. In this lesson, I'll show you how to create accounts with 2 of the most popular services out there, and how to get them connected to your website.

Create an Optin Box

Capturing leads is one of the most basic aspects of building a business, but most businesses don't do it very well. This lesson will show you how to capture leads via an optin box.

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Step 1: Designing Your Logo 1 Lesson

How to Create an Amazing Logo

This lesson will show you how to create an amazing logo that conveys a message, establishes your brand, and that looks good in a variety of situations.

Step 2: Search Engine Optimization 1 Lesson

Understanding Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, doesn't have to be a mystery. In fact, anyone can master SEO with the tips, tricks, and tools mentioned in this lesson.

Step 3: Configuring Your WordPress Website 2 Lessons

Install a New WordPress Theme

Themes change the look, feel, and design of your WordPress website. But, there are things themes do not do. In this lesson, I'll talk about themes, how to choose one and how to install it.

Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins can add tremendous functionality to your WordPress website. In this lesson, I'll take you inside my WP Dashboard, show you what plugins I use and why, and show you how to install them.

Step 4: Extras 1 Lesson

Understanding Landing & Sales Pages

What is a landing page? What does it do? What makes a landing page different from a sales page or from any other type of page? Your questions are answered here.

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Step 1: Create Valuable Content 1 Lesson

Building Your Business with Content Marketing

I built my business with content marketing. Without it, I wouldn't be here, and you wouldn't even know who I am. Take out a $100,000 loan, or, learn content marketing? 

Step 2: Use the Blog Post Idea Web 1 Lesson

Using the Blog Post Idea Web

The best marketers know how to create content that keeps visitors engaged, and that helps a brand establish its authority. In this lesson, I'll teach you one of the most practical tools you could use to improve your content creation.

Step 3: Create More 1 Lesson

How to Create Irresistible Content

Building on the previous lesson, this lesson is about how to make your content marketing efforts more effective and attract more visitors to your business.

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Step 1: Guest Appearances 2 Lessons

Guest Posting, Interviews & Appearances

Ask 3 blogger/podcasters/YouTubers if you can be a guest contributor.

Step 2: Veteran Outreach 1 Lesson

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Step 1: Your Research Content 1 Lesson

Creating Authority-Building Content

If you’re going to build your business around a blog, here are three tactics you should use, plus some additional tools to make building your authority easier.

Step 2: Your Authority Content 2 Lessons

Establishing Your Expertise

For you to build your business and have influence over your customers, you will need to establish some degree of expertise, and your job this week is to create and publish two pieces of content: a research post, and an authority post. These two tasks will help you build and borrow influence.

Step 3: Your $10 Product 1 Lesson

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Step 1: The Tesseract 3 Lessons

An Overview of Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is the default and go to option for getting information about how visitors arrive on your site and what they do while they’re there. In this lesson, I'll give you a tool of this powerful software.

Understanding Google Analytics - Visitor Acquisition

Now that you've watched the GA Overview, let's look at the Customer Acquisition area so we can figure out where those visitors are coming from.

Understanding Google Analytics – Visitor Behavior

The final Google Analytics view on which you’ll want to focus on is found under the Behavior main heading and the Site Content subheading. This lesson will show you what to look for.

Step 2: Pixel Perfect 1 Lesson

Understanding the Facebook Pixel & Retargeting

The second most powerful source for online data is the Facebook conversion pixel. Let's take a look at what it is and how you can unleash its power on your website.

Step 4: Turning a Profit 2 Lessons

Creating Your Online Store (Part 1) – Setting Up WooCommerce

In this lesson, I'll walk you through the WooCommerce setup process so you can start creating and selling products on your website!

Creating Your Online Store (Part 2) – Creating Your First Product Listing

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create your first product, add a new product category to your store, and how to format your product page for effective selling.

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Step 2: Marketing to Find Clients 1 Lesson

Step 3: Email Marketing 1 Lesson

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Bonus: Become an Affiliate for 8 Weeks to Exit

Businesses thrive on referrals, and mine is no different! If you loved this course, look inside for information on how you can become an affiliate for 8 Weeks to Exit!

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