Crushed: The Power of Words to Heal the Broken

Crushed: The Power of Words to Heal the Broken

Writing is a powerful thing. Writing conveys a message through the use of words, and words are what make history.

Dan Erickson has a series on his blog called “Crushed,” where he and his writers share about the benefits of writing about trauma, grief and sadness. Crushed is really about the healing power of words.

I do believe that words have the power to heal.

Just as they have the power to start school yard fights as well as wars, the also have the power to forgive, and the power to repair and build.

Crushed: The Power of Words to Heal the Broken

In July of 2012, my 66 year old dad had a stroke. He became lost to us. He became trapped in a body that was no longer his to control.

After watching the movie 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, I wrote the words below. Since I sat on my back porch and wrote down my thoughts, I've been healed in a small way.

I honestly never thought another soul would ever read these words, not even my wife or my family. But after writing my thoughts, my emotions, my view of the world, I began a slow process of healing.

When I saw Dan's series “Crushed,” I knew I had to share. If not for me, especially not for me, but for you who may find my words as the place where your healing began as well.


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