CY13: Dare to Dream Big

CY13: Dare to Dream Big

Choose Yourself Podcast Ellory WellsWelcome to the Choose Yourself podcast!

I'm your host, Ellory Wells.

This podcast will help motivate and inspire you to choose yourself as the master of your own destiny and the architect of your success.

Every great business, every great achievement and every great success starts with an idea.

If you have a goal, an idea or a dream, don't let it scare you into not acting. That is my word of caution; don't be scared to dream big dreams and set lofty goals. You're not dreaming too big and you're not setting your sights too high.

But don't let the idea of what could be prevent the actions that lead to what needs to be.

I hope you're as encouraged by this podcast as I am! Once I realized that every company that is prominent in the world today once started out small like mine, a great pressure was lifted and I was even more energized than I was before.

So dream the big dream but develop a plan to reach it. Start small with a goal that is a stepping stone. Set out to lose 5 lbs before you lose 100. Read one book before you look to take on the whole library. Get that promotion before you try to take over the company. I don't want you to limit yourself because you can do anything. Remember, don't get so caught up with the championship that you forget to show up for the first game.

Set your goal, take aim and pull the trigger!


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