CY34: Self Doubt vs Confidence vs Belief

CY34: Self Doubt vs Confidence vs Belief

Choose Yourself Podcast Ellory WellsWelcome to the Choose Yourself podcast!

I'm your host, Ellory Wells.

This podcast will help motivate and inspire you to choose yourself as the master of your own destiny and the architect of your success.

Self-doubt is a curse but self-confidence is a bad word.

In today's culture, phrases like “shameless self-promoter,” and words like “arrogant,” “cocky,” and “know-it-all” taint our vocabulary on a regular basis. Yet, every day I come across someone who needs to spit those words out of their mouth, and believe in herself.

In this episode I want to ask you,

What if you believed in yourself as much as we believe in you?

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