Why I Don't Care About Your Great Idea

Why I Don’t Care About Your Great Idea

You've got a new idea. You've got a GREAT idea. You're going to change the world with your idea, make a million bucks, and do what you love for the rest of your life.

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And I don't care.

great idea don't care

I used to think ideas were amazing things. Coming up with something new takes creativity, talent, and unique perspectives, right?

But, over time, I've come to learn that ideas are pretty much worthless. They have no value.

Saying a great idea is worth something is like saying a seed is worth something. But every day people around the world buy packets of seeds, and if some fall to the floor, no big deal.

Ideas, like seeds, are ripe with potential. But both are worth basically nothing until their planted and nurtured over time.

But what about inventors and entrepreneurs?

I haven't even been consulting with small businesses or coaching entrepreneurs for all that long. My business is only a few years old. But I already know that inventors and entrepreneurs who've never built something aren't actually inventors or entrepreneurs.

When I got started several years ago, I thought I was hot stuff whenever I came up with a new idea or a novel concept. I'd think, “Yeah, I'm awesome, nobody else thought about this, BUT I DID!”

Who cares.

Millions of people come up with billions of new ideas every day. Journals and diaries are filled with great ideas, cool concepts, new inventions, cures for diseases… and none of them will ever see the light of day.

Think people with great ideas get on shows like Shark Tank or Dragon's Den?


The people who we see on those shows do have great ideas (sometimes), but those great ideas have been acted on with plans that have been executed against over a period of time.

The people who get results are the ones who take their great ideas and do something with them.

Yes, like Edison, these inventors might learn why their idea won't work. Also, they may learn it 1000 times before they get it right.

But the key is they did something.

No, I don't care about your great idea. But, what I do care about is what you do AFTER the great idea strikes you.

And what you do AFTER, now that IS is interesting.

Question: How many ideas have you had but that you left sitting in a notebook, journal, or diary?


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