Don't Wait for Your Muse

Don’t Wait for Your Muse

Stop Waiting for Your Muse

I'm often asked how I write so much. How I come up with so much content. While I feel like any writers job is to write, and any bloggers job is to blog, I feel like I'm pretty average.

But the key is to not wait for your muse. Call it what you like, your muse, your inspiration, your imagination, whatever.

In the beginning, I would say I didn't have a muse. I woke up early, started reading and writing, and then went to work. I didn't have a goal, and I didn't have an agenda. All I knew at the time was that reading and writing were fun and my job wasn't.

I think that's part of the key to success – Working before you have it all figured out.

If you enjoy doing one thing, and don't enjoy doing another, do the one you enjoy and do your best to eliminate the one you don't. If you have a goal, a dream you want to achieve, or a desire you want to see brought into reality, make the time, put in the effort, and do the work.

Don't wait for your muse, don't wait for your inspiration, and don't, for the love of Mike, wait for someone to tell you to get started.

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