Podcast Pre-Launch: Getting Your Site Ready for Your Show | Ellory Wells

Podcast Pre-Launch: Getting Your Site Ready for Your Show

Launching your podcast is just the beginning. But, before you can launch your professional show, you have to get your website ready, your plugins configured, and your show submitted to online directories.

You have to pre-launch!

Have you searched and been unable to find a thorough, step-by-step guide to launching your podcast?

Have you watched hours of free podcasting tutorials, but still have questions?

If you have, you're not alone. I had the same problem!

To help you, I created the Podcast Pre-Launch video series to walk you through every step of the pre-launch process and show you how to get your site ready for your show!


In these 5 video tutorials, I walk you through every step of the pre-launch for your professional podcast. From buying a domain, to configuring the tools and submitting to iTunes, these videos leave nothing out! From A to Z, soup to nuts, this video series will get you going like the pro's!

If you're ready to start your professional podcast, but still have questions about the exact process, now you have your answer. These 5 videos are the EXACT steps I took to pre-launch my podcast and get it ready for the big leagues.

Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn in each video:

Video 1

Buying Your Domain and Hosting for Your Show - How to get started the right way and make it easy for your future listeners to find you and your show.

Video 2

Installing WordPress and Prepping Your Website - How to breathe life into your website and make it work for you.

Video 3

Optimizing PowerPress for Your Podcast - How to configure and optimize the most popular tool used by podcasters all over the world.

Video 4

Uploading Your Show's Episodes and Sharing - How to get your show online so people can hear the message you have to share.

Video 5

Publishing Your Podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and More! - How to submit your show to the two most popular podcast catalogs on the internet so people can find you!

By watching these videos you'll learn how to pre-launch your podcast and join the growing community of podcasters, media creators and visionaries!

Your biggest fan awaits you! Click below to buy now -