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Better Social Media Buttons

Are you tired of the plain Jane, vanilla, boring social media buttons on your site? Have you said "enough!" to more plugins that slow your blog down and make it ugly?

Me too.

I wanted buttons that reflected my personality. I wanted buttons that looked cool! And, I wanted buttons that wouldn't load slowly for my visitors.

If you want the same things, these social media buttons are perfect for you!

Social Media Buttons by Ellory

  • 57 kb download

Updated and in HD!

Now includes ...

More social buttons

These social media buttons have been custom-made and optimized for speed, versatility, and search engine optimization.

No need for a bloated plugin that slows your site down. These buttons will load extremely fast and cause no additional load on your server.

No need for complex plugin installation. Just paste the code in a WordPress widget, add your social profile links, and you're all set to use these buttons anywhere on your site.

No need to worry about SEO. Each of these buttons allow you to optimize them for search.

Included in your purchase are social media buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest. If you're a podcaster, you'll also find buttons for Stitcher, iTunes and RSS podcast subscriptions.

Perfect for your blog's sidebar, perfect for headers and footers. Grab your new social media buttons now!