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Start Your Professional Podcast – ebook + Audiobook Bundle

This is my first #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon! Because of podcasting, I’ve spent hours with multi-millionaires. I’ve talked one-on-one with world-travelers, best-selling authors, small-business owners and people who have inspired millions. All because of having my own podcast.


Let me be clear.

Starting a podcast has changed my life forever.

How to Start a Professional Podcast

But depending on who you talk to, starting a professional podcast can cost anywhere from $1500 to $4000 or more.

Mixers and microphones that cost hundreds of dollars, editing software that’ll set you back half of your rent or mortgage, and other things that you don’t even know you need yet.

Who can afford that?

I couldn’t.

While there is something to be said about professional setups like you’d find in a radio station, I believe you can start a quality podcast for less than the cost of a fancy dinner for two.

Don’t let technology get in the way of your message and don’t let it stop you from sharing your art with the world.

I want to show you

How to Start Your Professional Podcast for $200 or Less.

This ebook will show you…

  1. How to create the best audio quality for your podcast
  2. How to make your show sound clear so you and focus on your content
  3. The BEST tools to connect with co-hosts and guests and how to get the BEST results
  4. One of the low-cost but critical elements for recording your show
  5. How to produce a really professional sound you can be proud of
  6. Why you need dedicated hosting for your podcast, why you should pay for it, as well as how to upload your show so people can listen to it
  7. How to submit your show to iTunes and Stitcher, the largest podcasting directories in the world

If you have questions like…

  1. How do I configure Skype?
  2. Do I need a mixer before I get started?
  3. What recording software do I need?
  4. What's the best microphone for podcasting?
  5. How do I get great guests for my show?

… Then this book is EXACTLY what you're looking for!

And as a Bonus!

BONUS 1: The email templates I use to get guests

BONUS 2: The tool I use to create quote cards for guests of my podcast

BONUS 3: A list of podcast directories where you can submit your podcast

Get these as a bundle!

Start Your Professional Podcast Audiobook

For a minimal upgrade, you can get this bestseller narrated entirely by me. By purchasing these items as a bundle, you save money and still get access to all of the bonuses!

5-Step Podcast Pre-Launch Video Series

For a minimal upgrade, these 5 video series walks you through every step of the Pre-Launch for your professional podcast. From buying a domain, to configuring the tools and submitting to iTunes, these videos leave nothing out! From A to Z, soup to nuts, this video series will get your professional podcast going like a pro!

What People Are Saying About this Book:

★★★★★ Awesome Value!Awesome Value!!! Thanks Ellory for sharing this book. A lot of people need to know how to start their podcast and how to do it at a low-cost. With this book, they can now do it!!! You provided so much value and I know it has impacted people deeply. Thank you! – By Johnny Lee Phillips

★★★★★ Great How To Book for PodcastingGreat, easy to read book packed full of amazing tips to help you get started in podcasting. Would highly recommend for anyone considering starting a professional podcast. – By Katherine North

★★★★★ Very helpful!If you are serious about starting a podcast, then you need to check out this book. It is easy to use read, full of helpful how to’s and it’s coming from someone who has done podcasting before. For the cost I was very impressed and would highly recommend you looking the book. – By Donald Kelly

★★★★★ An excellent step by step guide to get started podcastingThis book and the additional videos are specific and actionable steps to start podcasting. You will be walked through equipment, recording, and sharing your podcasts. This is everything you need to know to get started podcasting. – By Bentley Davis

★★★★★ Great Value for the Person Just Starting OutI would recommend this book to those who have considered starting a podcast, but didn't know where to start. This book shares many of the options available to the newbie coming into the space. This book also shares options that will help you bring better audio quality to your message. Ellory has a podcast and knows the nuts and bolts of what it takes to get started. I too am a podcaster and I know I would have appreciated a book like this when I first started. I hope you enjoy the book and welcome to the podcasting community! – By James Kinson

★★★★★ Great Info Thanks for the wonderful info. You have saved me hours of research and much money. I recommend this book if you want to save both! – By Ubergooder

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