So, I took my own advice and did something that I've never done before. I purchased a website.

I began the process on Friday (1/27) afternoon. A friend called me saying he was inspired by my last newsletter and wanted to begin something on his own. To create. To build. He wanted something more. Our conversation urged me to take a look at what I was doing (my newsletter) and what I wanted it to be down the road.

My next step was creating a free site titled “From Where I Sit…” That site was free, I didn't own anything and I didn't have full control over content, design, technical things, etc. I then started this blog. On my second blog post, entitled “80-twenty”, I came up with the idea of empowering the workforce, the “80%” of the workers. I was inspired.

So, yesterday, I purchased www.empoweringthe80percent.com. Since then, I've been writing, editing, designing, learning and networking to get a successful site up and running; to my excitement, it went live today! I hope you enjoy.

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