EP14: How to Discover Your Sweet Spot & Maximize Your Talent w/ Scott Fay (@ScottMFay)

EP14: How to Discover Your Sweet Spot & Maximize Your Talent w/ Scott Fay (@ScottMFay)

The 14th episode of the Empowered Podcast features business owner, and leadership coach, Scott Fay.

You'll hear how Scott made an intentional effort to grow beyond “just a landscaper”. He'll share how he became the right hand man to John Maxwell, as well as how you and I can discover the sweet spot in our own lives.

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Scott's Mission:

To help you build a life of success and significance by helping you discover your sweet spot.

Scott Fay Discover Your Sweet Spot

How Scott defines empowerment:

If I empower somebody, I unleash their hands. I feed their mind, their soul and their body to the extent that's possible. If I empower somebody I give them an idea, I give them a vision, and I give them actions

What Scott and I talked about:

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day, I reflect and plan. Every day I do my day on paper before I live it out in life. Before I plan my day, I reflect on yesterday. I reflect and I plan.

I ask myself, what have done yesterday that would have been more productive.

Since you decided to face your fears and charge forward, what have you stopped doing?

You have to pull the weeds in your life.

What was the last movie you saw?
  • Front of the Class (IMDB)
  • Lincoln (IMDB)

EPIC Question: What is one tip, or one piece of advice you can give people who are just starting?

Understand that today really matters. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here.

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