EP20: How a Full-Time Nurse Started a Pinterest Business w/ Cynthia Sanchez (@OSPInteresting)

EP20: How a Full-Time Nurse Started a Pinterest Business w/ Cynthia Sanchez (@OSPInteresting)

Episode 20 of the Empowered Podcast features professional blogger, speaker and Pinterest for Business consultant, Cynthia Sanchez.

Cynthia will share with us what it was like to leave her career as a nurse to work for herself as a business coach. She'll share how she got her very first clients and how she's grown a thriving business.

Cynthia's Mission:

Don't just pin it, do it!

Cynthia Sanchez 2

How Cynthia defines empowerment:

Sometimes we doubt the things we're capable of and we let those fears and inhibitions keep us from doing a lot. But just by stepping out and doing one small thing, it can help empower us to do more.

What Cynthia and I talked about:

What is the best way to empower other people?

Treat them how they want to be treated. Be honest and open.

When you decided to do what you're doing now, what types of Resistance did you face?

The biggest one was my own self-doubt….

What challenges did you overcome when you first started out?

I'm not a sales person. I'm not pushy and I don't like having to convince someone to buy something from me.

Since you decided to face your fears and charge forward, what have you stopped doing?

I made cookies last night and I haven't baked in almost a year! A lot of my hobbies and personal interests have gone by the wayside; this is my hobby now!

How do you unwind and relax?

Hang out with my family.

What was the last movie you saw?

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special in 3D

EPIC Question: What is one tip, or one piece of advice you can give people who are just starting?

Just stick with it and keep going.

Resources and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Attend: Hear James Kinson, the Cash Car Convert, speak in Addison, Texas at the Podcast Meetup
  • Attend: Registration for the current Oh So Pinteresting workshop is now closed, but check here for updates on the next one! 

Connect with Cynthia!

Me, James Kinson & Cynthia Sanchez in November 2013

Me, James Kinson & Cynthia Sanchez in November 2013

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