EP23: Why You Should Start a Podcast for Your Brand & Business w/ James Kinson (@CashCarConvert)

EP23: Why You Should Start a Podcast for Your Brand & Business w/ James Kinson (@CashCarConvert)

Episode 23 the Empowered Podcast is a special treat! I share an “off-the-cuff” hangout I had with my friend James Kinson.

James tells us why you should start a podcast. He shares with me about why he started the Cash Car Convert blog and podcast. He also shares how his life has been changed over the seven months since he started giving back to the community and telling the world about what he has to offer.

James' Mission:

To help you get out of debt by selling your car and buying a better beater.

James Kinson 2

Resources and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Improving Enterprises
16633 Dallas Parkway,
Addison, TX


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