EP4: How to Equipping Others and Leading with Intention w/ Joe Lalonde (@JosephLalonde)

EP4: How to Equipping Others and Leading with Intention w/ Joe Lalonde (@JosephLalonde)

The fourth episode of the Empowered Podcast! Today I share a conversation I had with writer, blogger and leader, Joe Lalonde.

You'll hear how he got connected with Michael Hyatt, how he's empowering youth in his town, and how he takes time off while geo-caching!

Joe's Mission:

To empower young leaders with the tools to thrive in a hectic world.


How Joe defines empowerment:

“To be empowered means to help equip people to take charge of their lives and to lead with intention.”

What Joe and I talked about:

How did you empower yourself to make the changes necessary to get you to where you are today?

“Basically one day I decided that I would choose myself. I can either do this or I can't. There's no one holding me back except myself.”

When you decided to do what you're doing now, what types of Resistance did you face?

I faced a lot of self-doubt when starting my blog. I asked myself, “Who's going to read it? I'm just some guy in a little town in Michigan.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

“I wake up. Couple days a week I hit the road for a half an hour run in the morning, knock that out. Interact with some other bloggers. Go to my day job for the 8 hours. Come home. Then spend 3-4 hours with my wife. We watch TV, go for a nice long walk down by the beach. Then we come home and I kick out a blog post and finish up interacting with some other bloggers.”

Since you decided to face your fears and charge forward, what have you stopped doing?

Watching TV.

How do you unwind and relax?

Running and Geo-caching.

What was the last movie you saw?

Monster's University

EPIC Question: What is one tip, or one piece of advice you can give people who are just starting?

“One piece of advice would be to not worry about perfection. When you worry about that perfection, you'll never get started.”

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