EP40: Being an Introvert Entrepreneur w/ Kent Sanders (@KentSanders)

EP40: Being an Introvert Entrepreneur w/ Kent Sanders (@KentSanders)

Episode 40 the Empowered Podcast features blogger, podcaster and Evernote expert, Kent Sanders.

Do you have to be wired as an entrepreneur to become one? In this episode, Kent Sanders and I talk about what it's like to start an online business as an introvert. We'll discuss some of the tools we use and share a ton of resources to help you along your journey

Thank Kent for being on the show!

Kent's Mission:

To help you pack your suitcase on the creative journey

Empowered Podcast Kent Sanders

How Kent defines empowerment:

What I see myself doing is helping to break down the barriers that prevent people from living at their fullest and reaching their creative potential – whatever that means for them.

What Kent and I talked about:

What is the best way to empower other people?

A huge way to do it is by encouraging other people. Everyone that you meet is struggling with something.

What are you doing today that will keep you moving forward tomorrow?

I try to take advantage of little chunks of time and not wait for the perfect 3 hour block of time to open up to get things done.

Since you decided to face your fears and charge forward, what have you stopped doing?

I'm very careful about how I use my time, and I typically don't watch a lot of television.

What was the last movie you saw?

The Lego movie is the last one that I saw and was also one of my favorites of the year.

EPIC Question: What is one tip, or one piece of advice you can give people who are just starting?

  1. Just start helping people. The sooner you start helping people, the sooner you're going to gain credibility, and the sooner you will gain fans and have people who are loyal to what you're doing.
  2. Don't fidget around with your blog very much. Stop futzing around with all the little things on your blog that don't mean a hill of beans.
  3. You have to have the attitude of “I'm going to figure this out no matter what it takes.”

Resources and Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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