EP47: Tipping The Success Seesaw in the Right Direction with Tom Corley (@RichHabits)

EP47: Tipping The Success Seesaw in the Right Direction with Tom Corley (@RichHabits)

Episode 47 of the Empowered Podcast features author, researcher and financial genius, Tom Corley.

A few years ago, Tom started doing research into the habits of rich people. What he found was the rich people had “rich habits” and poor people had “poor habits.” As a person passionate about routines and habits myself, I was eager to have Tom on the show. I'm also extremely eager to share his story and his rich habits with you!

Thank Tom for being on the show!

Tom's Mission:

To bring you the habits of the rich and the keys to success. 

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How Tom defines empowerment:

Empower means to gain some control over your life.

What Tom and I talked about:

How did you empower yourself to make the changes necessary to get you to where you are today?

The first thing that happened after completing the research was my mindset. My thinking shifted. My belief structure was really shaking at the very foundation. I realized all of my beliefs were limiting beliefs.

Since you decided to face your fears and charge forward, what have you stopped doing?

  1. I stopped over-eating. I knocked out the junk food.
  2. I stopped my negative thinking. I stopped beating myself up and criticizing myself.

What was the last movie you saw?


EPIC Question: What is one tip, or one piece of advice you can give people who are just starting?

Engage in 30 minutes or more of reading for educational purposes. I think that is real critical.

And the other tip I'll give you is we all have a relationship seesaw. You want to limit the poverty relationships to less than an hour a week. Increase the time you spend with your rich relationships to more than an hour a week. That gets the relationship seesaw tipping in the right direction.

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  • Lauri Flaquer says:

    Love the podcast. Thank you for this great interview. I love the Rich Habits and have used the information in the book to increase my personal wealth and live a better life. Great choice Ellory.

  • Steven Tessler says:

    So I listened to this as I was walking to my sons work to get my car so I could pick up my daughter from football practice. It took exactly the time of this podcast to walk that entire distance.
    Where I live there are little to no sidewalks. So to say I was almost struck by several cars is an understatement.
    As I listened to the podcast I was wanting to change my life so I wouldn’t have to do this again!! I don’t want to be stuck in the mentality that I have to suffer through life. Not that I should have to buy my son a car but if I was wiser I could have saved some money and sent him to college.
    As of now we are paying off debt so that we can retire with some grace.

    Love your show and love what you do!! Your show with it’s guests keep getting better and better!!

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