EP53: How to Connect Better & See More Success

EP53: How to Connect Better & See More Success

Episode 53 the Empowered Podcast is all about providing the tools for success. No guest today, just me sharing some of the techniques which will help you connect better and see more success in life. These skills are what made me successful in my corporate job. I talk about things you can do to connect with clients, build trust, and do more business!

My Mission:

To help you connect better and build better relationships, human to human.

EP53 How to Connect Better 700

How to Connect Better, Sell More, and Boost Your Bottom Line

  1. Call people by their first name
  2. Find and Establish common ground
  3. Learn 3 things about everyone
  4. Ask more questions

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  • stevetessler says:

    Awesome show! Great life lessons not just for sales but for how to get through life! Especially as an introvert..

    Love the show and the content!!

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