EP88: Taking Risks, Living with Passion, and Marketing Yourself w/ Bruce Buffer (@BruceBuffer)

EP88: Taking Risks, Living with Passion, and Marketing Yourself w/ Bruce Buffer (@BruceBuffer)

Episode 88 of the Empowered Podcast features performer, marketing genius, and iconic announcer of the UFC, Bruce Buffer. Today Bruce and I talk about his marketing background and pursuing your passion with everything you have. We'll talk about the big risk he took when betting on one idea that changed everything. Bruce also shares his failed attempts at becoming the UFC announcer and what it took to achieve his goal.

If you're a UFC fan, or if you want to know about putting it all on the line for what you believe in, do not miss this episode!

Thank Bruce for being on the show!

Bruce's Mission:

Attack everything with a passion and fervor. To be the best that I can be.

EP88 Bruce Buffer It's Time Taking Risks Passion and Marketing

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Bruce's marketing genius
  • College vs no college
  • Trademarking “Let's get ready to rumble….”
  • Getting into the UFC
  • Coming up with “It's time!!!!!!”
  • Bruce Buffer on Rhonda Rousey
  • BruceBuffer.com
  • Read: It's Time! by Bruce Buffer
  • Listen: It's Time Podcast

Bruce Buffer live a lifestyle

Bruce Buffer punched in the face


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