EP93: How to Capture an Audience & Captivate the Room w/ Tracy Goodwin (@TracyAGoodwin)

EP93: How to Capture an Audience & Captivate the Room w/ Tracy Goodwin (@TracyAGoodwin)

Episode 93 of the Empowered Podcast features award-winning speaker and speaking and voice coach, Tracy Goodwin. In preparation for my next on-stage speaking gig, I consulted with one of the best voice coaches around, the Red Sweater Lady herself, Tracy Goodwin.

Tracy and I get into the details of the biggest tip to help you be a better speaker as well as the worst mistake almost everyone makes. We talk about which is better when it comes to speech preparation: outlines or memorization. And so much more!

If you're a speaker or want to become one, this episode with Tracy Goodwin is a must listen!

Thank Tracy for being on the show!

Tracy's Mission:

To dramatically change your life and to help you never fear speaking again

EP93 Tracy Goodwin Captivate the Room

In this episode you'll hear about:


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