EP95: 3 Takeaways from Podcast Movement You Can Apply to Your Business

EP95: 3 Takeaways from Podcast Movement You Can Apply to Your Business

Episode 95 of the Empowered Podcast is my post-Podcast Movement 2015 takeaways. Even if you didn't attend Podcast Movement this year you'll want to listen to this episode. I've sifted through 3 days and a dozen pages of notes and come up with the most universal and relevant takeaways from the conference that you can apply to your business, regardless of where it's at or what industry it's in.

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EP95 3 Takeaways from Podcast Movement that You Can Apply to Your Business

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • The Top 3 Takeaways from Podcast Movement that we can apply to our businesses:
    • Storytelling
      • “If you tell the right story, even the most annoying things can be amazing” – Roman Mars, 99% Invisible (Tweet that)
    • Quality
      • Failure is required. We have to break step 1 before we can get to step 2
      • “The key to producing great work is to produce more work” – Roman Mars, 99% Invisible (Tweet that)
      • Difference between “over-produced” and “professional.” Blair Witch project in your kitchen
    • Consistency
      • Fonts on Pat Flynn's slides
      • Sarah Koenig's keynote probably sounded and felt a lot like an episode of Serial
  • How I learned about failure and breaking things
  • Anthony Tran's marketing chops w/ MarketingAccessPass.com
  • Quotes:
    • Be relentless in the pursuit of the things that will make you happy. Your tribe will find you – Aisha Tyler (Tweet that)
    • Don't be afraid to pivot. No one is interested in perfection. Don't get locked into a plan – Aisha Tyler (Tweet that)
    • Get better at the basics and teach them. If you're not going to teach someone for free, someone else will – John Dumas (Tweet that)
    • Do for somewhat you wish you could do for everyone – Cliff Ravenscraft (Tweet that)
    • Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant – Mike Kim (Tweet that)
  • Stop Chasing Influencers by Kimanzi Constable and Jared Easley
  • Things I want to improve upon…
    • Incorporating more video and other types of media into my website.
    • Be better at branding
    • Create community q&a sessions
  • BOLO! Be On the Look Out for…
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  • Thanks for including my a quote from my talk in your post. It was great to hang out a bit with you and your wife this past weekend.

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      You’re welcome Cliff! Thank you for telling us about your European adventures. Can’t wait to hang out again =) And, thank you for commenting!

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