EP98: How to Identify Your Avatar, Have More Focus, and Make a Bigger Impact

Episode 98 of the Empowered Podcast has one goal: to help you be more effective. In today's show, you'll learn how to stop creating random content and focus on what will make the most impact. I'll show you how you can provide specialized resources for a targeted audience you know you can help.

If you feel like your content, products or services are all over the place and lack focus, this episode is for you!

EP98 How to Identify Your Avatar

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • CLICK HERE to download the PDF template and worksheet
  • How Victoria's Secret targets men to sell products for women
  • How the type of car someone drives can tell you about what they believe
  • How to stop creating random content that's all over the place and provide specialized resources for an avatar you know you can help.
  • How to target your avatar, have a bigger impact on them, get more clients, build a list of prospects, and build more traffic.
  • How to find your specific avatar so you can create really help them, instead of trying to reach everyone.
  • How to transform from a low-paid “generalist” to a highly paid specialist!


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