Exit Strategy Available Worldwide July 8th, 2016

Exit Strategy Available Worldwide July 8th, 2016

If they can do it, so can I. I've got a story to tell. I know that what I have to say will change someone's life. Why not me?

Exit Strategy press release

Those are the words I said to myself almost twelve months ago. I've always been an avid reader (except for a brief time while I was in college), and writing a book has always been something I wanted to do.

When I was laid of from IBM in 2009, I started writing a fiction novel. My mom still asks me to finish it.

Exit Strategy is a whole new ballgame. I wanted to write a book that I could hand someone and it would help them start their business. I want to create a culture of entrepreneurship, and Exit Strategy is the tool I'll use to build it.

You can order your copy of Exit Strategy here.

This Book is for You If…

As I say on the dedication page, Exit Strategy is for:

The busy and the overworked. The professional who is desperately eager to make a change in their life; the aspiring entrepreneur who can see the writing on the wall and who has the taste of freedom in their mouth, and who is looking for the strategy to help them make an exit on their terms.

I've been there. I've worked 50 hours a week to close a deal, to bring in a new client, and to make the bosses happy, only to have my efforts be worth nothing at the start of the new month.

I know what it's like to have skills and talents that go unrecognized and unappreciated, all while knowing I could do more. Most people are unhappy at work, but they feel stuck. I want to show you the strategy I wish I'd had when I got fired. I want to share the tactics you can deploy to start the business you've always wanted.

With Exit Strategy, I want to help you transition from where you have to be to where you want to be in life. No more feeling boxed in by decisions you made a long time ago, it's time to do something amazing with your life and put your skills and passion to work with a purpose.

You can order your copy of Exit Strategy here.

What You Get

When I started writing the book in August of 2015, I set out to write over 50,000 words. That comes to roughly 200 pages of material. There was just something about 200 that felt substantial and meaningful.

If felt like if I could write I could point at what I'd done and said, “Look at that, I made that!” and feel really good about it.

Well, Exit Strategy now comes in at just shy of 300 pages with over 68,000 words. If you're not an author, those numbers might be meaningless to you, but for me, they represent a goal I crushed.

If you buy a copy, whether it's in paperback or the digital version on the Amazon Kindle (both versions available on the 8th), you'll get something pretty amazing.

The 8 Week Roadmap

I created an 8 week Roadmap that outlines your daily and weekly activities to help you move forward in a productive and effective way. You'll read what to do, when to do it, ways to get started that have provided consistent results, the best tools to use, and a time line on which to do it all.

Exit Strategy roadmap notes

The Roadmap from Part III is something I WISH I'd had years ago because it would have aided me greatly. To write this portion of the book, I studied my successes and failures over the past several years, and I pulled out the parts that worked. I distilled the lessons from the things that didn’t, put it all together, and crafted the Roadmap. Had I the ability to re-write history, this is how I’d write it.

From the very beginning, my goal with Exit Strategy was to help readers:

  • Develop and deploy THEIR exit strategy – their way out from a job that made them nauseous
  • Find their first customer
  • Establish business systems that automate and scale
  • Think like entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Have a plan to leave a path without purpose or joy and start a journey of meaning and enjoyment

You can order your copy of Exit Strategy here.

I'm Not Ready to Grow, I Need Help to Get Started

Over my years of study, I've found no shortage of literature advising the career-minded about how to climb-the-corporate-ladder. I've also found plenty of books on leadership and entrepreneurship.

However, I've found very few (if any) books on helping you develop and deploy an exit strategy that will help you leave your day job and build a business of your own. I've never found a book that shares techniques that will help you find your first customer, develop business systems that will help you automate and scale, or how to think like a business owner.

I wrote Exit Strategy to show you how to do those things.

Because, how to find clients, managing systems and hiring contract workers are the types of things my coaching and mastermind clients want to know. They’re the strategies and tactics all aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for.

Instead of theory, I want to give you action items. Instead of helping you grow your business from $10,000 to $100,000 a year, I want to help you formulate a plan to leave where you have to be and transition to where you want to be.

I want you to tell a story that is uniquely yours, and live your life with purpose, passion, and, of course, profit.

Are You Ready?

Exit Strategy paperback coverWith the right planning and dedication to your future, you can do anything you want. I believe in you. And, I never want you to go back to a job you hate or report to a boss who doesn't have your best interest at heart ever again.

This book is for you.

This book is your exit strategy.

If you want to change your life and take control over your future, you can order Exit Strategy: The Exact Tactics to Transition from Where You Have to Be to Where You Want to Be by CLICKING HERE.


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