Why I Started Focusing More on My Email List

Why I Started Focusing More on My Email List

The money is in the list. Content is king. SEO. Backlinks. WordPress. I don't need a blog; I use social media…

… it can get pretty confusing, can't it?

Over the past few months, I've decided to put more time and effort into communicating with my email list. The results are mixed, but here's why I've made the decision to focus more on my subscribers.

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Earlier this year, I had a Skype call with my friend and fellow coach, Marc Mawhinney. We talked about social engagement, leveraging Facebook, and about emailing our subscribers.

Marc emails his subscribers daily.

I do not.

In fact, outside of the 8-10 emails in my new-subscriber automation sequence, I rarely email my list.

Coming up with content for blog posts and podcast episodes, writing the follow-up book to Exit Strategy, and managing my website services business takes a lot of time. And, coming up with unique material to share with my email list… well, that's a lot of work too.

Ya, I know, we don't have to reinvent the wheel as entrepreneurs, but I do like to be fresh and original.

But after I talked with Marc and learned about the results he was getting from emailing his list every day, I began to think about what I could share with my subscribers.

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I know, not everyone wants to get an email every day. But if you write content people want to read, something that's entertaining, or material that well help them solve a particular problem, they might not mind.

Plus, they can always archive your emails for later.

Or, they can unsubscribe. And that WILL happen.

Why I Started Focusing More on My Email List

A few years ago, when I started implementing the things I mentioned here about growing a blog, the number of people who came to my site every month tripled. Since that time, and after learning how to create an awesome lead magnet, my email list has grown 800%.

Comments Have Stopped, Replies Haven't

About 1/2 way through 2015, the number of comments I received dropped to almost zero. It was after Michael Hyatt removed comments from his blog, and about six months before he decided to bring them back.

But while the number of comments I've received has slowed, the number of replies I get to my emails has increased.

I format both blog posts and email broadcasts generally the same. I open with a quick story, share a lesson I've learned, and then close with a question I hope people answer.

On blog posts, this formula used to work and I'd get a handful of people answering my question or sharing their thoughts. Now the responses are much rarer, but I get email replies all the time. From a practical standpoint, I'm going to focus my attention where there's engagement.

Anyone Can Buy Traffic

Traffic is great, but it cannot be the only measure by which you judge your success or growth. Anyone with money can sponsor a post on Facebook, buy a keyword in Google, or buy traffic to a blog, website, or landing page.

While in the beginning I never did any of those things, Facebook's algorithm changes in late 2015 made boosting posts almost a requirement. I still don't use Google AdWords.

I try to get most of my traffic from social sharing (so please share anything you like!), search engine optimization, appearing on podcasts like Smart Passive Income, and through The Ellory Wells Show.

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While it is possible to buy an email list as well, I don't do it, and I wouldn't recommend it. Spam is a major problem, and I would never suggest you do something to make it worse.

Everyone on my email list (which you can join here and I'll send you my online business toolbox), signed up, confirmed their email address and requested that I send them information to help them build their businesses. That makes these people MUCH more important than the ones who just swing by every once in a while.

Which leads me too…

I Care More About My Subscribers than I Do About Casual Traffic

While I care about everyone who reads my content or listens to my shows, I care more about the people who've taken the extra step to sign up for my emails. Someone who visits your site might come once or a thousand times without a commitment. People who subscribe to your email list have made that commitment.

And, because of that commitment, I send my subscribers exclusive information, early notifications about events and products, and exclusive offers. I try to reward behaviors I want more of, and sending special stuff to my subscribers is one of those rewards.

Also, since my subscribers are more engaged, I try to talk with them, learn from them, and understand what they need so I can better empower and equip them along their entrepreneurial journey.

The Money is In the List

Almost every client of mine became a client by following my blog, subscribing to my email list, reading my content, and learning about me before they decided to hire me. In other words, my clients hired me, in part, because of what I sent them via email.

If you're not providing consistent and frequent value over time, you're likely to fail.

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I'm not one of those guys who can email their list and make $100,000. However, using site tracking from ActiveCampaign, I can see who clicks links, visits my coaching and mastermind sales pages, and who are most likely to purchase a service from me.

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With John-Q public, it's much harder to tell who's interested and who's not. Most of my sales and clients come from people on my email list, and though I don't sell with every email, I can still tie many sales directly to my list of committed subscribers.


While I don't email my list every day, I do email the people on it often enough to stay relevant. I don't want someone to receive an email from me and say, “Who is Ellory again? Why am I getting this?”

I make a lot of mistakes in my business, and many of them happen with my subscribers. But, business is done human to human, and I own up to my wrongdoings whenever I notice them. If you'd like to join my email list, click right here or use the box below.

Over to You: How often do you leave comments on blog posts? How often do you email YOUR list?


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