The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Have you ever thought your story isn't exciting enough? That your life hasn't been dramatic enough, you haven't had enough adventure, or you haven't overcome enough obstacles?

What would you do if you knew you already had the greatest story ever told?

Greatest Story Ever Told

Every time I see an overweight person who has lost hundreds of pounds tell their story, I think it's great, but I wonder,

What about all of the people who ate healthy, exercised, and didn't need to make a dramatic change?

And then I hear the stories about people who paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, left their six-figure job and started their own business. I wonder,

What about the guy who made a good living, was debt free, and already living responsibly?

In today's society, we are overwhelmed and often bombarded with fantastical stories about people overcoming significant obstacles to live a life of passion. But I think there's something to be said about the person who's walked the middle of the road. There's got to be a story behind the person who did what they were told for the most part of their life, never got in trouble, but who still has the courage to step out of their comfort zone and do something amazing.

It takes an enormous amount of courage to break from the status quo, face your fears, and try something new and different!

Every person has a story to tell even if it doesn't have a dramatic beginning. In fact, for the guy who has been living inside the lines all his life, it might take even more courage for him to step out and do something dramatic than it would for the guy who has lived a risky lifestyle all along.

Like most of the world, I never held a six figure job. While working in Corporate America, I made good money and had a wonderful life, but I never quite broke the $100k mark. And before I got rear ended on the freeway, my car was paid off and the only debt my wife and I had was our house.

We lived responsibly. We were young, no kids, well-educated, but not Ivy League, and we lived in the suburbs. By most standards, we were an average, normal, American couple.

Almost every day I talk to someone who can relate to our story. Maybe they are a few years and a few kids are older, maybe they are a little younger or unattached, but, for the most part, people relate to our story. The big dramatic schools and dramatic jobs, driving the life and death races down Main Street, those things aren't real life.

Every journey has its adventures and every day has its ups and downs. You don't have to live on the set of an action movie for your life to have value, purpose, and excitement.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

You probably don't realize it. You probably ignore it and chalk it up as “boring.” But, the greatest story ever told is your story!

The story of your life has power in it. Your story holds adventure, drama, and excitement. It has fear, challenges, giants and villains, and it has love, passion and heroes too.

The experiences you've had are the tales of epic novels, but most of us fail to realize it. To someone out there, your story is not only incredible, but it's the story they need to hear to help them get through the challenges of their day.

Your story is the greatest story ever told, and we need you to tell it.

Many of the people I work with downplay the significance of their experiences. Like you, they don't see how special they are and how far they've come. We tend to see where we are as just that – where we are – nothing grand about it.

Learn How to Start a BlogHowever, your story is what will connect you with the people who are like you. Your story is the adventure that will draw people in and keep them coming back for more.

Your story is how you started your business. Your story is how you got to where you are and achieved what you've achieved. Your story is how you overcame and accomplished. There are elements of passion and fear. There are times when you've faced the giant and lost, but there are more times when you faced him and won.

Your life and your business have their ups and downs. If everything went well, your story would be boring. Even Disney movies have villains, challenges to overcome, and a princess to save.

Your life's adventure may not have literal castles and dragons, and that's ok. Your story is enough. Your message is enough. And, the courage it took for you to wake up and tackle your fears, well, it's more than enough.

After you decide to tell your story, it will be time to organize and polish it. If you want to learn how to tell the greatest story ever told in a way that connects with your audience and helps you grow your business, check out my free 30 day blogging course and you'll learn the six key elements of entrepreneurial storytelling.

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Over to you: What's your story?


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